The Taylor Swift Boyfriend Your Zodiac Sign Would (Jump Then) Fall For

Travis Kelce? Matty Healy? Joe Alwyn? There’s a lover for you.

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Taylor Swift’s long list of ex-lovers may have your twin flame bruise on it. Though most Swifties are Team Traylor now that the Grammy winner is dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, only one of her boyfriends, past or present, is the most compatible with your zodiac sign. Astrologer Lisa Stardust is ready to spill the tea on which one is the man of your wildest dreams (if only for a short while).

While longtime loves Swift and Joe Alwyn didn’t make it through the first leg of the Eras Tour, the Tortured Poets Department singer’s Sagittarius sun and Cancer moon pair best with the Conversations with Friends actor’s Pisces sun and Taurus moon. The duo did date for six years, so their amazing astrological compatibility isn’t surprising.

In terms of “mismatched star signs,” which Swift referenced in “Suburban Legends,” look no further than the multi-hyphenate with the other Joe, Joe Jonas. His Leo sun and Aquarius moon with Swift’s astro chart made for an interesting (aka terrible) cosmic cocktail.

But which of Swift’s leading guys is meant for *you*, according to the stars? Turn on your favorite album (Taylor’s Version, of course), make some popcorn in your Eras Tour movie bowl, and find out Stardust’s pick for your zodiac sign so you can add him to your hall pass list.

Aries Zodiac Signs: Travis Kelce

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Aries, you’re destined for a storybook ending with the man whom Taylor Swift put on the map with her hard launch era. “Having a fast-moving relationship full of excitement and passion is non-negotiable for this fire sign,” Stardust tells Elite Daily. What’s more exciting and passionate than breaking the internet every time the two of you are pictured together?

“You also want a partner who will make you feel good about yourself, so subtle PDA (think the pic of T-Swift kissing Kelce’s cheek), showing you off, and protecting you in high-stress situations are must-haves — aka all gestures straight out of Kelce’s romance playbook,” Stardust says.

Taurus Zodiac Signs: Joe Alwyn

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There’s no cozier fit for a Taurus than the other half of Swift’s longest couple, Joe Alwyn. “Tauruses are really looking for stability, loyalty, and comfort,” says Stardust, “so a relationship spent cuddled up at home, writing cottagecore Folklore songs together, while the fireplace roared is everything you’ve been manifesting and more.”

Be wary of getting too sheltered in your space, though, because if the rumored reasons behind Jaylor’s split are true, stepping outside your love bubble could unexpectedly end it all.

Gemini Zodiac Signs: Tom Hiddleston

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You need someone who isn’t afraid to move fast and wants to spend every minute of your relationship together, no matter how long (or short) its duration. “It’s likely Geminis will travel with their partner early on, meet their SO’s family, and instantly see a future,” Stardust says, “but with time, the honeymoon phase will fade.”

You’d be Hiddleston’s “one that got away,” he’d be your “Getaway Car” — sometimes, that’s just what a Gemini needs.

Cancer Zodiac Signs: Calvin Harris

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The DJ was someone that Swifties didn’t see coming. All of a sudden, they were hard launching their couple status via IG photos of each other’s cats — an understated yet very Cancer way to announce your new status. “Because Cancers are so in tune with their emotions, they’ll often match with people who do the same,” Stardust says.

However, be aware that the more emotional the relationship, the messier the potential breakup. (Remember, Harris dropped Tay’s name, so she owes him nothing.)

Leo Zodiac Signs: John Mayer

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The “Dear John” effect is so real for you. “Leos gravitate toward partners who are really proud of them, support them endlessly, and continuously show them off,” Stardust says. Mayer did just that with Swift, albeit probably not in the best of ways.

The “Wild Blue” crooner could bring you up on stage to sing with him multiple times one minute, go on and on about his feelings for you at his concerts the next, and make grand speeches at press events about your talent soon after. All great things until you start to wonder, “Which version of him you might get on the phone tonight.” Then he could get mad at you when your breakup song sells more than any of his records. Using success to get back at your ex? A Leo like you can understand that.

Virgo Zodiac Signs: Lucas Till

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Seeing that Virgos are one of the most introverted signs, it’s quite possible that most of your time is spent working. This is where you could potentially thrive in the romance department, with a little built-up sexual tension similar to Swift and Till’s. (The pair met sometime between filming the Hannah Montana movie and the “You Belong With Me” music video.)

However, even if you end up crushing on Till or someone similar, Stardust encourages you to keep going out and meeting other people, because if you’re anything like this pair, you might hang out outside of work and realize that there’s actually no spark. It’ll be cute while it lasts, though.

Libra Zodiac Signs: Harry Styles

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Even though Swift and Harry Styles’ short-lived romance made headlines constantly at the end of 2012 into early 2013, the two were pretty chill and they’re especially cordial now, more than 10 years later — an arrangement a Libra like yourself could definitely go for.

“Libras are [all about] balance, so you don’t like drama — at all,” Stardust says. “They want to be in a low-key relationship that they can keep to themselves and share as they wish,” which is basically how the Harry’s House artist has approached a lot of his relationships in the public eye.

Scorpio Zodiac Signs: Jake Gyllenhaal

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Alexa, play “All Too Well (10 Minute Version).” “Scorpios are not ones to have a light-hearted affair,” says Stardust. “For you, it’s all or nothing.” Perhaps this is why Scorpio rising Taylor Swift was all in on her three-month relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal before they were allegedly a masterpiece that he tore all up.

No matter how short a relationship may be, it could still hurt a passionate Scorpio to end it just as much as a longer-term connection, if not more. Keep this in mind if you end up with a Gyllenhaal type.

Sagittarius Zodiac Signs: Conor Kennedy

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Have you ever met a special someone’s parents or siblings and fell a little bit in love with your SO partially because of how great their family was? That could’ve been part of the attraction for Sagittarius sun Swift, who dated former U.S. Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy’s grandson Conor in summer 2012.

Generally, “Sagittarians enjoy spending time with other fire signs,” says Stardust, which could bode well for Leo suns like CK. But they also may fizzle out when they’re both fighting for freedom. In other words, you could find yourself falling for a guy like the Kennedy heir... but it may not be built to last.

Capricorn Zodiac Signs: Matty Healy

Taylor Swift boyfriend for Capricorn zodiac signs: Matty Healy.

As hard as it may be to believe, Swift and Matty Healy have great astrological compatibility. Based on the evidence, it appears that you could fall for the frontman of The 1975, too. What can you say? You love yourself a bad boy, and can’t help but want to fix them, something that Stardust says is so not worth it.

“It makes sense that you, Capricorn, are going to try to give him a fresh start, seeing that you always look for the best in people, especially your partners,” the astrologer says. But after one night of questionable remarks from Healy, you may realize you’re not on the same page intellectually.

Aquarius Zodiac Signs: Taylor Lautner

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If there’s any zodiac sign to become close friends with their ex years after their breakup, it’s an Aquarius. So, of course you’d fall for fellow Aquarius Taylor Lautner, Swift’s Valentine’s Day love interest and rumored subject of “Back To December.” “In order to be Aquarius’ partner, you also have to be their best friend,” says Stardust, “so being goofy, letting loose, and not taking the relationship too seriously are crucial.”

Since you get attached quickly though, you’ll need to give yourself some time before they can star in your newest music video (see: “I Can See You”). But once you take the time to heal, you’ve got a new friend for life.

Pisces Zodiac Signs: Joe Jonas

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Picture this: You meet Joe Jonas at a party, lock eyes in the corner of the room, and the roller coaster romance begins. “Pisces suns know right away if they’re invested in a relationship,” says Stardust.

Any signs of your SO pulling away, though, you’d be out of there quicker than a 27-second phone call. “If they have any reservations whatsoever, they’re OK with having one foot out the door,” the astrologer says of Pisceans.

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Lisa Stardust, astrologer