Meguire Hennes

Meguire Hennes is a content strategy intern at BDG, where she provides weekly editorial content for Bustle, Elite Daily, The Zoe Report, NYLON, Romper, Fatherly, and Scary Mommy. Whether she’s writing, editing, content updating, keyword researching, or interviewing, Meguire approaches every opportunity at BDG with a unique Gen Z perspective toward both timely and evergreen content. Meguire focuses on adapting to the voice and style of each BDG brand through her individualized take on lifestyle material.

Meguire is a graduating senior at Montclair State University earning her bachelor’s degree in fashion studies and journalism. She recently completed an editorial fellowship at Her Campus Media where she continuously broke engagement and traffic records for multiple articles — specifically her sex and relationships human interest report which included an interview with a college-aged OnlyFans performer. She also produces monthly pieces for BroadwayWorld on the latest theater industry updates. Originally from Wisconsin, Meguire now spends her time on the east coast reading the latest romantic comedy book releases, singing ‘80s classic rock a bit too loud in the shower, and embracing her inner Taurus in everything she does.

You can follow Meguire on Instagram @meguiregrace and learn more about her and her work at


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