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These engagement rings look like Andi Dorfman's, but they're way less expensive.
7 Engagement Rings Like Andi Dorfman’s, But For Way Less Money

Go ahead, frost yourself.

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Grab your wine and red roses, people — the fan favorite Season 10 Bachelorette is getting hitched! On March 30, Andi Dorfman shared that she is engaged to non-Bachelor Nation boyfriend Blaine Hart. The duo, who actually met 15 years ago, began their relationship in Italy during summer 2021. Straight out of a romance novel, right? After watching Dorfman fall in and out of love on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, fans are so excited to see her get the happy ending she deserves. Not to mention, Andi Dorfman’s engagement ring is seriously stunning. (BRB, Googling cheaper versions of her ring as we speak.)

But back to the ~romance~: Dorfman tells Us Weekly that Hart had been hitting her up for quite awhile, even before they reconnected. After they realized they were both in Italy (Hart for a friend’s wedding and Dorfman on a summer trip with her friends), Hart said, “I’m coming to see you and taking you out for drinks.” Dorfman said they’ve been together ever since.

Dorfman and Hart’s proposal story is gaining major attention from Bachelor Nation fans everywhere. Picture the scene: Dorfman and Hart were enjoying cocktails on the beach in L.A., they went on a sunset-lit walk along the water, and bam, Hart popped the question. “I don’t even remember what he said, I just remember hugging him and crying. I didn’t even remember seeing the ring at first,” Dorfman told People. If you think the proposal can’t get any more perfect, just wait. Hart surprised his new fianceé with both their families and Dorfman’s closest friends, who waited at home to celebrate their love! Apparently, everyone was in on the surprise.

As the happy couple continues to celebrate their upcoming nuptials, the rest of us can dream of sunset beach proposals and finding our happily ever after with these seven engagement rings like Andi Dorfman’s, but for way less money.

Andi Dorfman’s Engagement Ring

Along with a picture perfect engagement announcement, Dorfman’s Instagram followers were quick to notice the breathtaking diamond (that Dorfman helped Hart pick out). According to Daily Mail, the ring is set in platinum, with a radiant-cut halo center stone, complimented by a split shank diamond band. Dorfman told People she loves the traditional aspect of the ring, specifically “the halo and split shank,” but is even more drawn to the “love and happiness” that it symbolizes. Not to mention, the ring itself was designed by the same jeweler who made Dorfman’s mother’s ring nearly 40 years ago.

But that kind of symbolism (or diamond) doesn’t come cheap. Sources told Daily Mail the approximately 4-carat ring is estimated to cost $70,000. And my bank account is crying... If you’re like me (AKA not loving the $70k price tag), here are seven cheaper engagement rings like Andi Dorfman’s with the same sparkle — just minus the handsome fiancé and unforgettable proposal.

A Halo Split-Shank Cushion-Cut With Sterling Silver Band

Just like Dorfman’s, this engagement ring from Amazon is high-quality, as it’s nickel-free, lead-free, and hypoallergenic. It’s also rated at 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon, with one reviewer saying “It’s beautiful and looks so real. The ring has not tarnished and all the stones are in place. I will buy [it] again!” Unlike Dorfman’s, it’s actually affordable. Fortunately, the wallet-friendly price tag doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing any of the sparkle or glamour.

A Cushion-Cut Halo Ring

This gorg ring features cubic zirconia stones, high quality stones that exhibit a similar shine to that of a diamond. The ring has a perfect 5/5 star rating on Amazon with multiple buyers raving about the durability of the stones. “I was skeptical at first about this ring because of the price but trust me when I say it’s stunning! I get so many compliments,” one reviewer wrote. The price is also beautiful, if you ask me. Plus, you can get this ring on Amazon Prime, so there’s free delivery and return — perfect if you want to replace it with the real thing.

A Radiant-Cut Minimalistic Ring

If you’re looking for a similar stone to Dorfman’s, but you prefer a minimalistic vibe, this classic bridal-cut ring could be everything you desire. Don’t worry, you’ll still get the shine of Dorfman’s ring, just with more of a focus on the center stone.

A Princess-Cut Diamond With A Split-Shank Band

Why go through the hassle of finding a fiancé, dating for a few years, getting proposed to, and planning a wedding when you can simply buy this princess cut halo split shank ring on Amazon for $69? If Dorfman didn’t already have her own engagement ring, I could definitely see her adding this to her cart!

A Cushion-Cut Halo Ring

Dorfman would be jealous of this showstopper. Not only is this ring relatively cheap, it’s also moissanite, a more durable option for brides who maybe originally wanted an authentic diamond.

A Princess-Cut Engagement Ring

Modern Gents Trading Co. has just the Dorfman replica you’re looking for. With a pale blue-cut center stone, this ring is special, offering a spin on Dorfman’s original design.

0.25ct Diamond Gold Band

This diamond-studded band has all the glitz of Dorfman’s ring, just with a nicer price tag.

We all know the Bachelor Nation engagement rings are iconic, but Dorfman’s blew most of them out of the water. (Sorry, Neil Lane!) Not only is her ring stunning, but the emotional connection that Hart and Dorfman have to it is just as special. This ring, plus the beachside proposal and adorable family gathering, makes their engagement story one for the Bachelor proposal handbook — even if it wasn’t hosted by Jesse Palmer.

Although you might not be able to replicate every aspect of her proposal, if you’re looking to twin with Dorfman, there are plenty of engagement rings out there that will fit the bill.