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Pink halloween costumes for Halloween 2022 include pink skeleton makeup
Make A Spooky Scene In These 12 Iconic Pink Halloween Costumes

On Halloween, we wear pink.

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These pink Halloween costumes are anything but basic. If you prefer low-key costumes that look like everyday clothes, chances are you won't get hyped about this rosy spooky season inspo. These pink Halloween costume ideas are for the brave of heart, anyone who lives for a main character moment, and lovers of a color that’s too often underestimated. Even better, each of these 12 costumes is based on an iconic heroine who is absolutely unforgettable.

Pink is an instant attention-grabber and Halloween is the perfect time to show up and show off in this signature shade. What better way to do so than to dress up as one of Hollywood’s most memorable leading ladies? Some of the most iconic characters ever brought to life on the silver screen left a permanent mark on pop culture while wearing pink. Elle Woods, Lorelei Lee, and Regina George were all lovers of pink. Heck, Regina was the pink-clad, iron-fisted tyrant who convinced an entire generation to only wear one color every Wednesday. If you’re trying to be the center of attention this Halloween, here are a dozen pink Halloween costumes that are sure to make you feel like the star of spooky season.

We may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.

Elle Woods’ Bunny Costume From Legally Blonde

Remember the scene in Legally Blonde when Elle Woods struts into a Harvard Law party wearing a very sultry bunny costume, only to find out it wasn’t a costume party at all? It was a major turning point for Elle and, armed with her best lines from the movie, it could make for a big night for you too. Pair this corset from with pink bunny ears and platform pumps — “What, like it’s hard?” — and you’ll make Warner Huntington III wish he never let you go.

A Pink Lady From Grease

Every Halloween, at least one person at every party dresses up as Sandra Dee "Sandy" Olsson, complete with leather pants, red heels, and a curly wig. If you’re obsessed with Grease but want to stand out, try being a Pink Lady. They’re equally essential to the plot of Grease and the costume is much more low-key. All you need is a pink satin bomber jacket and an ascot if you’re feeling frisky.

Glinda The Good Witch From The Wizard Of Oz

If painting your face green and going the Wicked Witch route isn’t quite your speed, why not go for Glinda? She’s a gorgeous, lovable, character and her costume is relatively easy to pull off if you buy a full costume set like this one from Amazon.

One Of The Plastics From Mean Girls

Whether you’re a Cady, a Gretchen, a Karen, or queen Regina herself, dressing up as one of the Plastics from Mean Girls is a costume that everyone will appreciate. This iconic Regina George shirt is the perfect centerpiece for a Mean Girls-inspired Halloween costume. Combine it with a pink cardigan and you’ll be all set for October 31.

Princess Aurora From Sleeping Beauty

Disney princess costumes are always a reliable choice and Princess Aurora’s pink-to-blue dress transformation is arguably one of the most recognizable scenes in Disney’s animation history. Pair this dress with a blonde wig and gold crown for big princess energy.

Hermione Granger At The Yule Ball

You don’t need to wear a set of Gryffindor robes to show off your Hogwarts school spirit for Halloween. Instead, go for something a bit more niche with this Harry Potter And The Goblet of Fire deep-cut costume that true Harry Potter stans will appreciate. Her night in this gorgeous Yule Ball gown was one of the only moments Hermione ever really got to go glam so why not celebrate it?

Lorelei Lee From Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Between Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala homage to Marilyn Monroe and the upcoming Netflix bio-drama Blonde, you can bet there will be more than a few Monroes running around this Halloween. To stand out in a sea of similar ‘fits, aim for a singular role rather than a general vibe. Channel your inner Lorelei Lee from the classic film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes in this curve-hugging costume.

Carrie White From Carrie

If you love the horror portion of Halloween a bit more than the candy, dressing up as the titular Carrie White from Stephen King’s Carrie is a no-brainer. This relatively easy costume is one that will grab attention, while still serving up a memorable fashion moment. A pale pink prom dress plus a bucket or two of fake blood will have you crowned Halloween Prom Queen in no time.

Frances "Baby" Houseman In The Dirty Dancing Finale

Nobody puts Frances Houseman aka Baby in a corner on Halloween. Have the time of your life in this pale pink dress that replicates the one Baby wore in the grand finale dance from Dirty Dancing. Once you’ve got the dress, all you need to do is curl your hair, find your Patrick Swayze, and get ready to dance your heart out.

Princess Peach

Everyone’s favorite Mario Kart character is ready to become your favorite Halloween costume. She may not be the fastest go-kart driver, but Princess Peach sure has a cute — and instantly identifiable — look.

Boo From Monster’s Inc.

This might be the most comfortable Halloween costume ever created. Dress up as everyone’s favorite Disney toddler, Boo from Monster’s Inc., this Halloween if you’re looking to escape the hassle of uncomfortable or elaborate costumes. A pink T-shirt like this one about four sizes too big, plus a pair of lavender leggings will have you fully outfitted.

Western Barbie

There are hundreds of different versions of Barbie. Astronaut Barbie, Malibu Barbie, Pilot Barbie, Surgeon Barbie, the list goes on and on. Since behind-the-scenes photos of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as Barbie and Ken were released, people have been obsessed with Margot Robbie’s take on Western Barbie, featuring a pink halter top, pink bell bottoms, and white cowboy boots. These boots from Amazon are a step in the right direction towards a very Barbiecore costume.

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