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These 5 Zodiac Signs Love Their Alone Time


All you introverts out there, let me hear you scream! Just kidding, I know that's the last thing you feel like doing. It's difficult to find an introvert immersing themselves within a crowd, let alone collectively shouting. And, if your friends were the ones to drag you into being a member of said crowd, I bet you're already thinking of an excuse to leave. You know who you are, and chances are you're one of the most introverted zodiac signs, because astrology can say a lot about how you function socially.

There are plenty of pros and cons to being an introvert. On one hand, you know how to make yourself happy, regardless of the people who surround you. A Sunday afternoon with no plans other than reading a book or marathoning a Netflix show in the comfort of your own home sounds like an absolute dream. On the other hand, your introverted nature might prevent you from putting yourself on stage or letting others know what you're truly capable of. Luckily, being introverted doesn't always mean you're shy. It simply means you don't enjoy meaningless conversations with people just so you don't have to be alone.

If you've got placements in Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, or Pisces, you probably err on the more introverted side. However, because you have a whole birth chart that tells a story about the person you could be, you're likely a combination of introverted and extroverted energy. For example, if you're a Scorpio with an Aquarius rising (a placement that naturally makes you more social), you're probably a social butterfly with a very private center in your life.

Read on to find out which zodiac signs tend to be more introverted — and to understand why:


Taurus: They Prefer To Live A Down-To-Earth Existence

Those born under the sign of Taurus like to keep things simple. Being a Venus-ruled earth sign, they tend to prefer a grounded and centered way of life. Tauruses often keep a tight circle and they don't leave their house for no reason. In fact, they tend to find a night at home with a couple of friends and a bottle of wine far more enjoyable than navigating a chaotic bar scene.

Cancer: They Can Be Sensitive To Too Much External Stimuli

Cancers are symbolized by the crab for a reason. This zodiac sign is so sensitive to vibrations and external energy, they tend to hide in their shell when it gets to be too much. Now, this is not to say they're not social creatures. Cancer is a cardinal sign after all. However, they prefer to socialize with meaning. They'd rather not take the chance of being surrounded by negative or draining people.

Scorpio: They Prefer To Keep A Close And Trusted Circle

If you've ever spent time around a Scorpio, you've probably heard them interrupt a night out with the words, "I think I'm ready to go home." It's not that they hate being social, it's simply that too many people can leave them feeling exhausted, especially if they don't know and trust these people. When Scorpio is forced to go to a party where they don't know anyone, you can usually expect them to feel pretty nervous.

Capricorn: They'd Rather Focus On Their Individuality

Capricorns are so driven and ambitious, they definitely know how to work a crowd... but that doesn't necessarily mean they want to. Capricorns have a very secretive side to their personality and they don't let their guard down easily. In fact, there are many times a Capricorn may not trust anyone enough to be vulnerable around. Their introverted nature often has to do with how safe they want to feel.

Pisces: They Often Live In Their Own Little World

Among all the zodiac signs on this list, Pisces is probably the most social. After all, they're a mutable water sign, which means they're quite adaptable to new situations. However, a Pisces is a daydreamer at heart and they definitely need their time alone to escape from reality. Even when they're in the middle of a social situation, you can always tell when a Pisces has spaced out and started thinking about something else.