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Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

Taylor & Travis’ Body Language Passed This Important Test


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Things in the Swiftieverse just got a lot more romantic: Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are Paparazzi Pic Official™ after two NYC date nights. The couple went out on Oct. 14 and 15, and they “weren’t shy” about showing they were together. Per an Entertainment Tonight source, “They were holding hands throughout the night, whispering into each other's ear, and they even exchanged some kisses.”

Although fans haven’t seen any photos or videos of Traylor kissing (hence why internet isn’t broken yet!), there has been plenty of documentation of the hand holding. Whether it was Kelce leading Swift to Nobu or from the SNL soundstage on Oct. 14, or the couple leaving Waverly Inn hand-in-hand on Oct. 15, the Swifties were given a lot to love. “WE NEEDED THIS,” one fan wrote on TikTok after the photos of Kelce and Swift went viral.

But what does an expert think of their PDA? According to Patti Wood, expert body language analyst and author of Snap: Making the Most of First Impressions, Body Language, and Charisma, their outings were full of good signs, sexual chemistry, and a healthy protectiveness. “It’s intense,” she tells Elite Daily. Here’s a full breakdown of their body language.

Travis Helped Taylor Out Of The Car

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When Swift and Kelce arrived at Nobu on Oct. 14, Kelce encouraged Swift’s security guard to let him open the door for the singer. The swoon-worthy move didn’t just sway fans, either. According to Wood, this act of “non-verbal communication” said plenty about their ‘ship. “He wants to help her, take care of the car, and be her man,” she says.

After he helped her get out of the car, Kelce stood back to close the door behind her. The chivalrous gesture also gave Swift a moment in the spotlight. “He’s letting her have her moment before he goes on to lead her to the restaurant and protect her from the crowd,” Wood says.

Swift’s body language here was noteworthy, too. “She’s bowing down her head and letting him lead her, which is not standard for Taylor,” Wood says. So, what does that mean exactly? “She’s letting him be her protector.”

But it doesn’t seem like their relationship is all innocently sweet gestures. In this photo, Wood notes Kelce’s hand placement. “His fingers are on her hip, pointing toward her pelvis. That’s very sexy,” Wood says.

Looking at how Swift and Kelce are standing together in the pic, Wood adds, “Their bodies are pressed up against each other.” Apparently, it’s an “intimate touch” that hints at “sexual chemistry” between them.

Travis Led Her Into The Restaurant

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As Swift and Kelce walked from the car to the restaurant, they didn’t seem fazed by the crowds of fans and photographers. Kelce, in particular, looked “comfortable,” according to Wood. “He’s a big, strong presence, and he’s very confident with his power, so he doesn’t need to use it,” Wood says, noting that if he wanted to run from photographers, his status as an NFL player means he’d be uniquely qualified to do so quickly.

Per Wood, because Kelce was in protector mode, Swift could relax. “She seems softer. She’s not holding a lot of tension and doesn’t seem to be stiff or posed,” Wood explains. This ease from Swift is full of promise, according to Wood. “She feels really comfortable with him taking care of her. Her posture’s saying, ‘I feel loved and taken care of.’”

Although protective posturing can be a red flag (hinting at a need for control), that’s not what Wood sees here. “Travis is taking her to places. He’s doing this as he takes her into the excitement and public eye,” she explains. It’s an important distinction from the alternative: “He’s not taking her away from fun, attention, and other people.”

They Couldn’t Stop Holding Hands

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On both of their date nights, Kelce and Swift were holding hands. Not only did that send a clear message that they were, in fact, together, but it also gave some clues about the type of relationship they have.

First thing’s first, check out Kelce’s wide smile. “He’s so happy. His whole face is lifted up,” Wood says. Swift, on the other hand, returned to that more demure posture of comfort and ease.

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That’s not all. Notice how Kelce’s hands were loose and his fingers were open in both handholds? “The way he’s holding her hands is a message to her, saying, ‘I got you if you need me, but I know you’re OK.’”

The two-hand handhold was also interesting. “He has a supporter hand underneath and a protector hand on top,” Wood says, which is a good sign for how he treats her.

They Didn’t Split The Pole

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If you’re unfamiliar, “splitting the pole” is a common TikTok superstition. The idea is if you’re walking with someone and a pole (or any other obstacle) is in your way, you should both move to the same side, still walking together. Splitting up to walk on opposite sides is considered bad luck.

So, when Swift and Kelce did *not* split the pole, fans were happy to see it. “Someone pointed out that he didn’t split the pole. 😭 He stayed close to her. 🥰,” one wrote on TikTok.

Whether you believe that splitting the pole is bad luck or not, Wood says there is some truth to the idea — and not just symbolically. “Any object in your way can take you out of connection or out of sync with your companion, whether it cuts off conversation, closeness, or physical contact,” she explains.

Of course, you can always come back together after you separate, but still. Per Wood, “It shows an awareness that they want to stay close instead of break apart.”