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7 Things To Do In A New City When You're Alone & Want To Explore

By Marisa Casciano
You've heard this phrase from Disney Pixar's Up, time and time again: "Adventure is out there." And every time you hear it, it seemingly becomes more true. Your bucket list gets longer and more ambitious. You may add excursions like zip-lining in…

This Theory About Why Second Dates Are Better Than First Dates Makes So Much Sense

By Laura Moses
First dates can be easy breezy, or they can be a total source of anxiety. Ideally, you'll see if you connect with this perfect stranger, you'll get to know them a bit, and let them get to know you, too. It can be stressful to sit across from another…

Fashion's Biggest Spring Color Trends Are Going To Bring The Hot, Hot Heat

By Ariana Marsh
Certain hues seem to take over runways each season, as if a memo goes out to designers before Fashion Week detailing which shades they should feature prominently within their collections. But spring 2019 color trends are so diverse and so numerous…

5 Women Reveal How They Set Emotional Boundaries When Dating & I'm In Awe

By Rebecca Strong
In talking about healthy relationships, one word that comes up again and again is boundaries. And it may seem counterintuitive, too: After all, isn’t the goal to become closer to the one you love, not distance yourself from them? So how do you set…

Experts Say Dogs Have Love Languages, Too, So Here's How To Decipher Your Pup's

By Jordan Bissell
Whenever I pick up a bone for my dog Hank at the store, I can hardly contain my excitement before giving it to him because I know that he loves treats more than almost anything in the world. The moment he smells anything tasty, his ears perk up and…

8 Ways To Not Feel Alone When Everyone's Away For The Weekend & You Have Nothing To Do

By Marisa Casciano
When it comes to the weekend, you know everything there is to know. You're well-aware that sleeping in is socially acceptable, and that Saturday nights require ordering multiple boxes of pizza. You know that Sunday mornings are supposed to be slow…