The full list of Taylor Swift's Eras Tour surprise songs is massive.

Taylor's Surprise Song Mashups Are Getting Longer Than Ever

Remember when she would only do two surprise songs?

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The Eras Tour is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Not only is Swift’s tour a hotbed for celebrities (hi, Travis Kelce) and collecting friendship bracelets, but the setlist is packed with hits. At each show, the singer has shown love to her entire discography and some cult classics — or what she defines as “surprise songs.” No two Eras Tour shows are the same, as she changes up which two surprise tracks she’ll sing at each stop. Luckily, Swifties have shared tons of videos capturing these performances online.

During the tour’s opening night on Mar. 17, 2023 in Arizona, Swift told the crowd her setlist idea. “The plan, the goal, would be to play different songs every single night and never repeat one,” she said, adding these tracks would be performed during her acoustic set. With a lighthearted smile, she then gave a quick caveat. “Unless I mess it up so badly that I have to do it over again in another city.”

The whole year, Swift kept true to her promise and switched up the 36th and 37th songs with new surprise tracks. She occasionally repeated these performances due to minor hiccups, because ~Errors Tour.~ But these live renditions were iconic, nonetheless.

During her Nov. 26, 2023 show in São Paulo, Brazil, Swift made a major announcement about her surprise songs for 2024. “What I’ve decided is that in 2024, when we go back out on tour, I’m just going to open back up all the songs for surprise songs,” Swift said. “I feel like for one year we’ve really gotten through a lot of songs. So I’m just going to make all the songs fair game.”

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Here are all the special one-night-only Eras Tour performances, including her newest addition of medleys, that fans will always remember.

The Glendale, AZ Eras Tour Surprise Songs

March 17

Swift kicked off the surprise song tradition with an acoustic performace of her Folklore track “Mirrorball.”

She then threw it all the way back to the beginning of her career with “Tim McGraw.”

March 18

Night two saw Swift delivering a performance of “This Is Me Trying.”

She followed that up with her Red ballad “State of Grace.”

The Las Vegas, NV Eras Tour Surprise Songs

March 24

In Vegas, Swift performed another nostalgic throwback, “Our Song.”

Then she snapped back to the present with the debut live performance of her Midnights track “Snow on the Beach.”

March 25

Swift closed out her Vegas weekend by belting “White Horse” while playing the piano.

Then she performed “Cowboy Like Me” live for the first time, alongside special guest Marcus Mumford.

The Arlington, TX Eras Tour Surprise Songs

March 31

Swift kicked off her Texas shows by wowing the crowd with “Sad Beautiful Tragic.”

She also performed a fan-favorite Speak Now throwback: “Ours.”

April 1

For her second night in Arlington, Swift performed “Death by a Thousand Cuts,” dedicating it to her frequent collaborator Jack Antonoff.

She then dedicated “Clean” to opening act Gracie Abrams.

However, this marked the first night of the tour where Swift admitted she’d be redoing her surprise songs at a later date. After messing up the bridge in “Death by a Thousand Cuts,” Swift told the crowd she would be redoing the song later in the tour. She also said she wanted to try “Clean” again in a higher key.

April 2

For her final night in Arlington, Swift performed “Jump Then Fall.”

She followed up with “The Lucky One.”

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The Tampa, FL Eras Tour Surprise Songs

April 13

For her first show in Tampa, Swift performed the song many fans had been waiting for. After Swifties theorized the singer had been teasing a re-release of Speak Now, she sang the album’s title track on stage.

She also performed “Treacherous.”

April 14

Swift performed “You’re on Your Own, Kid.”

She also had a surprise guest for this concert. She welcomed her collaborator Aaron Dessner to the stage to perform “The Great War” with her.

April 15

Dessner performed with Swift again the next night. This time, the duo sang the folklore track “Mad Woman.”

Then, Swift busted out her Speak Now single “Mean.”

The Houston, TX Eras Tour Surprise Songs

April 21

For her first Houston show, Swift surprised the audience with “Wonderland.”

And followed it up with “You’re Not Sorry.”

April 22

During her second Houston show, Swift surprised the crowd with “A Place in This World.”

She followed that up with “Today Was a Fairytale.”

April 23

During her final Houston show, Swift performed “Begin Again” from Red (Taylor’s Version).

She then retired to her piano to sing “Cold As You” from her 2009 debut album.

The Atlanta, GA Eras Tour Surprise Songs

April 28

Swift threw it back to her Fearless eras for her first Atlanta show, playing “The Other Side of the Door.

She also got emotional with a performance of “Coney Island.”

April 29

Every Swiftie already knew what one of the surprise songs would be for the April 29 show. Swift did not disappoint, and performed “High Infidelity,” which features the lyric, “Do you really want to know where I was April 29th?”

Swift also sang her first surprise song from Reputation, “Gorgeous.” However, Swift messed up the performance a bit, so she revealed she’d be doing “Gorgeous” again at a later date.

April 30

At her final Atlanta show, Swift performed “I Bet You Think About Me.”

And she also played “How You Get the Girl.”

The Nashville, TN Eras Tour Surprise Songs

May 5

Swift fans knew she would make her Nashville shows extra special, and she definitely did by announcing the re-release of Speak Now at her May 5 concert. The whole stadium celebrated the big announcement by singing “Sparks Fly.”

Swift also threw it back all the way to the start of her career by playing “Teardrops on My Guitar.”

May 6

With Swift’s best friend Abigail Anderson in the audience, the singer dedicated a special version of “Fifteen” to her bestie.

She also sang “Out of the Woods.” However, because she messed up the bridge, Swift confirmed she would be performing this song again at another tour date.

May 7

For her last night in Nashville, Swift brought out Dessner once again to perform her Midnights bonus track “Would’ve, Could’ve, Should’ve” with her.

She also performed her Speak Now single “Mine.”

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The Philadelphia, PA Eras Tour Surprise Songs

May 12

For her first hometown show, Swift sang “Gold Rush.” The Evermore track includes a Philly shoutout with its lyrics about Swift’s Eagles T-shirt.

She also performed “Come Back... Be Here,” which was requested by opener Phoebe Bridgers.

May 13

Swift performed her Fearless track “Forever & Always.”

She then slowed things down with her 1989 ballad “This Love.”

May 14

Swift closed out her hometown shows by playing “Hey Stephen.”

She also performed “The Best Day.”

The Foxborough, MA Eras Tour Surprise Songs

May 19

For her first show in Massachusetts, Swift delivered an acoustic version of “Should’ve Said No.”

Then she traded the guitar for the piano to sing “Better Man.”

May 20

As rain poured down on her, Swift performed her Midnights bonus track “Question...?

She followed that up with “Invisible.”

May 21

To close out her Foxborough weekend, Swift surprised the crowd with “I Think He Knows.”

Then she performed her hit single “Red (Taylor’s Version).”

The East Rutherford, NJ Eras Tour Surprise Songs

May 26

Swift kicked off her New Jersey shows by bringing her frequent collaborator Jack Antonoff on stage for a surprise “Getaway Car” duet.

Then she sat at her piano to sing “Maroon.”

May 27

Swift leaned into a bit of a religious theme for her second New Jersey show. First, she performed “Holy Ground.”

Then, she delivered a chilling rendition of “False God.”

May 28

Every NYC Swiftie who trekked over to East Rutherford was expecting the same surprise song all weekend, and Swift finally delivered it on the final night: “Welcome to New York.”

Swift then performed her first repeat surprise song of the Eras Tour. She originally messed up her version of “Clean” a couple months earlier and promised to re-perform it, which she did in New Jersey.

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The East Chicago, IL Eras Tour Surprise Songs

June 2

Swift kicked off her Chicago shows by singing “I Wish You Would.”

Then she treated the crowd to her Folklore bonus track “The Lakes.”

June 3

Swift made her second Chicago show extra special by bringing out Maren Morris for a live duet of “You All Over Me.”

She then gave an emotional performance of “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever.”

June 4

To celebrate her announcement that the beloved Midnights bonus track “Hits Different” would finally be released on streaming, Swift performed it in her final Chicago show.

She followed it up with “The Moment I Knew.”

The East Detroit, MI Eras Tour Surprise Songs

June 9

The first surprise song for Detroit was “Haunted.”

That was followed by “I Almost Do.”

June 10

Swift’s first surprise song of the night was “All You Had To Do Was Stay.”

Then she traded her guitar for the piano to perform “Breathe.”

The Pittsburgh, PA Eras Tour Surprise Songs

June 16

Swift kicked off her Pittsburgh shows by playing “Mr. Perfectly Fine.”

And she also surprised the audience with “The Last Time.”

June 17

Swift welcomed Aaron Dessner back onto the stage for a surprise “Seven” duet.

Then she performed “The Story of Us.”

The Minneapolis, MN Eras Tour Surprise Songs

June 23

For her Minneapolis shows, Swift started things off with “Paper Rings.”

She kept the romantic vibes going with “If This Was a Movie.”

June 24

Swift had a message for her fans before performing “Dear John.” She urged them to not “feel the need to defend me on the internet against someone you think I might have written a song about 14 billion years ago.” Of course, this was likely referencing the increased hate John Mayer received online ahead of the release of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version).

The vibes were much brighter after that, as Swift shifted into singing “Daylight.”

The Cincinnati, OH Eras Tour Surprise Songs

June 30

Her first surprise song for Cincinnati was “I'm Only Me When I'm with You.”

She followed that up with the title track of her ninth studio album, “Evermore.”

July 1

Swift once again welcomed her frequent collaborator Aaron Dessner to the stage to perform a fan-favorite cut, “Ivy.”

She also sang “Call It What You Want.”

And, in the biggest surprise of all for the Cincinnati crowd, Swift added a third surprise song for the first time in her Eras Tour. Because opener Gracie Abrams couldn’t perform her opening set due to weather conditions, Swift brought her on stage so she could perform her song “I Miss You, I’m Sorry” alongside her.

The Kansas City, MO Eras Tour Surprise Songs

July 7

Naturally, Swift went all in on Speak Now songs to celebrate the release date of Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) on July 7. After inviting Taylor Lautner and Joey King to the stage to premiere the “I Can See You” video, Swift surprised the audience with "Never Grow Up."

She then performed her newly released vault track "When Emma Falls in Love" live for the first time. Although the song was new, fans had already put together theories it may be about Emma Stone.

July 8

Since there was no July 9 tour date, Swift had to perform "Last Kiss" a day early.

She closed out her Kansas City weekend with a surprise performance of "Dorothea."

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The Denver, CO Eras Tour Surprise Songs

July 14

Swift gave the Denver crowd a true classic by performing “Picture to Burn.”

She also gave a rare live performance of "Timeless."

July 15

For her second night in Denver, Taylor performed "Starlight."

Along with the big Speak Now ballad, "Back to December."

The Seattle, WA Eras Tour Surprise Songs

July 22

Swift kicked off her Seattle shows by taking it back to her Reputation era with "This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things."

She also performed "Everything Has Changed."

July 23

For her second night in Seattle, Swift sang "Message in a Bottle."

As well as "Tied Together with a Smile."

The Santa Clara, CA Eras Tour Surprise Songs

July 28

Once again, Swift brought out Aaron Dessner. This time, they two sang "Right Where You Left Me."

She also delivered the live debut of her Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) vault track "Castles Crumbling."

July 29

For Night Two in Santa Clara, Swift surprised the crowd with "Stay Stay Stay."

Followed by "All Of The Girls You Loved Before."

The Los Angeles, CA Eras Tour Surprise Songs

August 3

For the first show in the final city of the U.S. leg of her tour, Swift performed her newly released Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) vault track “I Can See You.”

She also delivered her second Eras Tour performance of "Maroon."

August 4

Another repeat — Swift dusted off "Our Song" for a second time after initially performing it at one of the tour’s first shows in Las Vegas.

She followed that up with "You Are in Love."

August 5

For her third night in L.A., Swift sang her fan-favorite Lover track "Death by a Thousand Cuts."

And had the whole crowd in their feelings during "You're on Your Own, Kid."

August 7

The greatness continued on her fourth night in L.A. There, she performed “Dress” from Reputation. However, instead of incorporating the track’s original synths, she stripped it down to an acoustic version.

She continued the mellow vibes with her Folklore gem, “Exile.”

August 8

Swift continued her Reputation streak on her fifth L.A. stop. She performed “King Of My Heart” to an emotional crowd, who belted the lyrics as passionately as Swift did.

Afterward, she took a trip down 1989 with “I Know Places.” Similar to “Dress” from the night before, she swapped the original tune’s synth-y production for a guitar solo.

August 9

For Swifties, this was certainly the night *not* to miss. During her final night in the City of Angels, Swift announced her re-recording of 1989 would release on Oct. 27. She also performed some surprises.

To celebrate 1989 (Taylor’s Version), she sang “New Romantics” from the 9-year-old album.

She then turned her attention back to Reputation and performed “New Year’s Day.”

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The Mexico City, MX Eras Tour Surprise Songs

August 24

For her first international stop on the Eras Tour, Swift performed an acoustic version of “I Forgot That You Existed.”

She also sat at her piano to perform a rendition of “Sweet Nothing.”

August 25

She gave the Mexico City crowd a serious throwback when she sang “Tell Me Why.”

Her second surprise song was “Snow on the Beach.”

August 26

Swift made sure to give the fans what they wanted on her third night in Mexico City. She introduced her performance of “Cornelia Street” by noting it was a song she’d been hearing a lot of requests for throughout her tour.

She then sang "You're on Your Own, Kid," making it the first surprise song to get three performances on the Eras Tour.

August 27

The “You’re on Your Own, Kid” record didn’t last long, though. On her final night in Mexico City, Swift performed “Maroon” for the third time.

She also sang her Lover ballad “Afterglow.”

The Buenos Aries, ARG Eras Tour Surprise Songs

November 9

After more than two months away from the Eras stage, Swift returned with her Red (Taylor’s Version) vault track “The Very First Night.”

She also performed her Midnights song “Labyrinth.”

These two song choices were incredibly interesting, given it was Swift’s first performance since she began dating her new boyfriend, Travis Kelce. Fans were quick to point out how both songs were about the romantic beginnings of a new relationship, with “The Very First Night” in particular having the lyric, “I was riding in the car when we both fell.” Swift and Kelce memorably drove off together after their first public appearance at one of Kelce’s games.

November 11

For the first time in the Eras Tour, Swift performed a special mashup for one of her surprise songs. She combined her newly released vault track “Is It Over Now?” with “Out of the Woods.”

It was her second surprise song that really raised eyebrows. Swift sang her Reputation track “End Game,” which carried extra meaning since her boyfriend Travis Kelce was in attendance. The song had become a top pick for Swifties when making romantic edits of Swift and Kelce, given the sports references in its lyrics and “big reputation” chant.

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November 12

To close out her Buenos Aries dates, Swift surprised the crowd with “Better Than Revenge.”

She then sang “Slut!,” a vault track off her newly released 1989 (Taylor’s Version).

The Rio De Janeiro, BRA Eras Tour Surprise Songs

November 17

On her first night in Rio de Janeiro, Swift sang “Stay Beautiful” for the crowd.

She also treated them to the live debut of “Suburban Legends.”

November 19

After having to cancel her Saturday concert due to extreme temperatures, Swift returned to the stage on Sunday and surprised the audience with “Dancing With Our Hands Tied.”

Then, she went to the piano to sing “Bigger Than the Whole Sky.”

November 20

For her final night in Rio de Janeiro, Swift performed an acoustic version of her single “Me!

But the real conversation starter was Swift’s second surprise song. She took to the piano to sing “So It Goes...,” which fans were quick to point out was one of the two Reputation tracks she had not yet performed on the tour. To drive the point home even more, Swift winked during the performance.

Swifties took the “So It Goes...” choice as an indication that she is about to announce Reputation (Taylor’s Version), a project she’s been subtly teasing for a while now. The theory is that whenever Swift finally performs her last Rep song, “I Did Something Bad,” she’ll use that to announce when her re-release of the album will drop.

The São Paulo, BRA Eras Tour Surprise Songs

November 24

For her first night in São Paulo, Swift performed her 1989 (Taylor’s Version) vault track “Now That We Don’t Talk” live for the first time.

She then took to her piano to sing “Innocent.”

November 25

She also gifted her Brazilian fans with a live performance of “Safe & Sound,” the song she wrote for The Hunger Games.

Swift then performed “Untouchable.”

November 26

The third night of São Paulo was bittersweet for Swifties, many of whom were theorizing that Swift may use her final 2023 concert to announce Reputation (Taylor’s Version). But ultimately, that long-awaited “I Did Something Bad” surprise song didn’t come. Instead, Swift live-debuted her recently released vault track “Say Don’t Go.”

Her final surprise song of the year was “It’s Time to Go.”

Swift also gave the crowd a major update about her future surprise songs for 2024. She told the crowd that she would be repeating surprise songs for the next leg of her tour, making a completely blank slate to choose any song she wanted.

The Tokyo, JPN Eras Tour Surprise Songs

February 7

At long last, Swift’s Eras Tour returned in 2024 with her Tokyo shows. Fittingly, her first surprise song was “Dear Reader,” a nod to her recently announced 11th studio album The Tortured Poets Department.

Swift also performed “Holy Ground” for the Tokyo crowd.

February 8

Swift included a truly deep cut in her Feb. 8 show. She performed her Hunger Games single “Eyes Open” live for the first time ever.

She kept the niche love going by singing the vault track “Electric Touch” live for the first time.

February 9

For Night 3 in Tokyo, Swift sang “Superman” for her guitar section.

And after she sat down at the piano, Swift threw it all the way back to one of the first songs she’d ever written: “The Outside.”

February 10

She closed out her Tokyo performances with the Fearless track “Come In With the Rain.”

And finally, the last song she played before jetting off to watch her boyfriend play in the Super Bowl was “You’re On Your Own, Kid.” Swifties speculated that she chose this song as an ode to Travis Kelce, considering they met when Kelce tried to give her a friendship bracelet (an Eras staple inspired by a line in that song).

The Melbourne, AUS Eras Tour Surprise Songs

February 16

Swift kicked off her Melbourne surprise set with her hit single, “Red.”

The first song may have been super well-known, but Swift went obscure for her second pick. After telling the crowd she’s never performed this track live before, Swift launched into her Midnights bonus track “You’re Losing Me.”

February 17

For Melbourne night two, Swift sang a mashup of songs from three different eras — Fearless, Reputation, and Folklore. She surprised crowds by combining “Getaway Car,” “August,” and “The Other Side Of The Door” on guitar.

Switching over to piano, Swift sang, “This Is Me Trying.” She previously performed the track as a surprise song during one of her Arizona shows, but played it on guitar at the time.

February 18

Keeping with the trend of performing mashups, Swift sang a combination of “Come Back... Be Here and “Daylight” on guitar. She then performed “Teardrops on My Guitar” on piano.

The Sydney, AUS Eras Tour Surprise Songs

Don Arnold/TAS24/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

February 23

For Swift’s first Eras Tour performance in Sydney, she played “How You Get The Girl” on guitar. Then, Sabrina Carpenter (who’s been opening for Swift on tour) came on stage to sing a mashup of “White Horse” and “Coney Island” with her.

February 24

Sydney truly won in the surprise songs department. On her second night, Swift whipped out her guitar to perform a mix of two older tracks: “Should’ve Said No” from her self-titled debut, and “You’re Not Sorry” on Fearless. Later that night, she retired behind the piano and sang a mashup of Reputation’s “New Year’s Day” and “Peace” from Folklore.

February 25

The Sydney mashups continued. Swift first started with a 1989 (both original and Taylor’s Version) blend of “Is It Over Now” and “I Wish You Would.” She then darkened the setlist, performing a mix of Speak Now’s “Haunted” and “Exile” off Folklore.

February 26

For her final night in Sydney, Swift fully leaned into her mashup era with ease. Her first blend began with “Would’ve Could’ve Should’ve” from Midnights and “Ivy” from Evermore, which felt on par with her green-hued dress. Later that night, she brought out her traditional piano and performed Fearless’ “Forever & Always” and Maroon from Midnights.

The Singapore Eras Tour Surprise Songs

March 2

Sydney wasn’t the only stop to be blessed with some surprise mashups. Swift opened her Singapore shows with a mashup of “Mine” and “Starlight.”

At the piano, she combined her songs “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” and “Dress.”

March 3

Swift had a lot of stories to tell on her second night in Singapore. She mashed up “Long Story Short” with “The Story of Us.”

She concluded with one of her most emotional mashups yet: “Clean” x “Evermore.”

March 4

For her guitar mashup, Swift combined “Foolish One” with “Tell Me Why.”

She got extra romantic for her second surprise mashup — marrying “This Love” with “Call It What You Want.”

March 7

Swift’s first mashup on March 7 took the whole crowd by surprise. After launching into fan-favorite “Death by a Thousand Cuts,” she combined the song with her lesser-known Sugarland feature “Babe.”

Next, Swift had a message for her younger self. She got super nostalgic for her adolescence, combining “Fifteen” with “You’re on Your Own, Kid.”

March 8

Swift took a golden opportunity to mash up her songs “Sparks Fly” and “Gold Rush.”

She also merged her songs “False God” and “Slut!

March 9

For her final show before a long hiatus, Swift threw it all the way back her country roots by combining “Tim McGraw” and “Cowboy Like Me.”

She then got contemplative with a mashup of “Mirrorball” and “Epiphany.”

The Paris, FR Eras Tour Surprise Songs

May 9

After Swift returned to the Eras Tour from her two-month break, the show changed a lot to incorporate her new album The Tortured Poets Department. But she did keep her surprise songs gimmick. As fans guessed, she performed her Midnight bonus track “Paris” as a tribute to the city.

And to honor her new album, Swift’s second surprise song was the heartbreaking ballad “loml.”

May 10

Swift vented about some exes during her second night in Paris. First, she mashed up her 1989 songs "Is It Over Now?" and "Out of the Woods," both of which are speculated to be about Harry Styles.

Then, she delivered the live debut of "My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toys" from Tortured Poets Department, thought to be inspired by her relationship with Matty Healy.

May 11

For her guitar song, Swift sang the Fearless throwback "Hey Stephen."

She followed that up with "Maroon," marking the fifth time it’s been a surprise song.

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May 12

Swift delivered one of her most joyful surprise song sets for her 87th Eras Tour show, given that her boyfriend Travis Kelce was in the audience and 87 is his jersey number. She delivered a mashup of "The Alchemy" and "Treacherous" as a tribute to Kelce.

She capped off her time in Paris by with a full-circle moment, reprising the first surprise song she sang in the city and combining it with "Begin Again."

The Stockholm, SWE Eras Tour Surprise Songs

May 17

Swift didn’t leave the romantic vibes in Paris. She kicked off her Stockholm shows by surprising the crowd with a lovey-dovey mashup of “I Think He Knows” and “Gorgeous.”

And she also treated the audience to the live debut of her Tortured Poets song “Peter.”

May 18

Another Tortured Poets live debut: Swift sang the fan-fave “Guilty As Sin?” live for the first time.

Afterwards, Swift performed her longest mashup yet, combining “Say Don’t Go,” “Welcome to New York,” and “Clean.”

May 19

She kept this new three-song mashup trend going in honor of producer Max Martin attending the final Stockholm concert. She sang three songs Martin produced for her: “Message in a Bottle,” “How You Get the Girl,” and “New Romantics.”

She wrapped up her time in Sweden with one last Tortured Poets live debut: “How Did It End?

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