Adrianne Reece

Adrianne Reece is a Celebrity and Music writer at Elite Daily. Here, she gushes over the latest music releases through lyric explainers, celebrity drama, underrated artists, and interesting (yet, sometimes shady) moments in pop culture. She also interviews popular celebrities and rising content creators for the section.

Based in Houston, she’s previously written for Thrillist, STYLECASTER, Houston Chronicle, and Houstonia Magazine. Adrianne graduated from Sam Houston State University, where she earned her B.A. in Mass Communication & Multi-platform Journalism. She began her digital journalism career there, writing for the Culture & Entertainment section of the university’s newspaper, The Houstonian, for nearly three years.

When not writing, she’s probably in a scrolling binge on Twitter gawking over a monochrome Diesel bag. Oh, and obsessing over anime… maybe a little too much. Follow her @anicaurora.

Enemies to Bestie Selfies

Katy Perry Supported Taylor Swift At The Eras Tour In Sydney

Um, hello?!

By Adrianne Reece

Ashlee Simpson Finally Revealed Why She Lip-Synced On 'SNL' In 2004

There was more going on than anyone realized.

By Adrianne Reece

Normani Announced Her New Album By Winking At The Extremely Long Wait

It’s finally happening!

By Dylan Kickham and Adrianne Reece

Bryce Hall Responded To Billie Eilish’s Apparent Shade About TikTokers

The drama of it all.

By Adrianne Reece

A Deep Dive Into Miley & Billy Ray Cyrus’ Rumored Feud

Apparently, battle lines have been drawn.

By Adrianne Reece

Beyoncé Has Always Been Country

This isn’t her first rodeo.

By Adrianne Reece

BeyHive May Have Already Figured Out What Genre 'Act III' Will Be

If true? Prepare to be sick of me.

By Adrianne Reece
Alexa, play "Adore You"

Miley Cyrus Is Reportedly Living With Her BF Maxx Morando

Love this for her.

By Adrianne Reece

Mandy Moore Regrets Getting Married At “Very Young” Age Of 24

“It was obviously not the right situation.”

By Adrianne Reece
Hot Take

Henry Cavill Has Entered The Sex Scenes Discourse

“It can be a little bit of a cop-out.”

By Adrianne Reece

Ariana's New 'Eternal Sunshine' Song Titles Focus On Breakups

She's going there.

By Dylan Kickham and Adrianne Reece
Celeb Couples

Barry Keoghan Commented A Flirty Emoji On Sabrina Carpenter’s Instagram

No nonsense here.

By Adrianne Reece
She's In Full Bloom

Miley Cyrus Manifested Her Grammy Win In A 'Hannah Montana' Scene

“Record of the Year, I can’t believe it.” 🥲

By Adrianne Reece
Poems To (And For) Ex-Lovers

Taylor Swift’s New Album Title Might Be A Joe Alwyn Reference

Who’s torturing who?

By Adrianne Reece
R&B & Pop Royalty

Taylor Swift & Usher Have Actually Performed Together Before

Never forget this collab.

By Adrianne Reece
Friends & Family (Taylor's Version)

Taylor Swift’s Past Grammys Dates All Have 1 Thing In Common

There’s a trend here.

By Adrianne Reece
Rapping Rivals

Here’s How Nicki & Megan’s Confusing Feud All Began

Their hot girl summer has turned into an icy war zone.

By Adrianne Reece
Class Is In Session

How Taylor Swift Can Fly From Her Tokyo Concert To The Super Bowl

You better believe she’ll be cheering in the bleachers.

By Adrianne Reece
Regina George's Burn Book

Every Diss In Megan Thee Stallion's "Hiss" & Who It’s Probably About

The cobra has bared her fangs.

By Adrianne Reece
Hot Take

I’ll Never Forgive Y’all For Sleeping On Miley Cyrus’ 'Plastic Hearts'

The undervalued brilliance of her rock star guise deserved more.

By Adrianne Reece