Tortured Poets
Joe Alwyn hinted at his thoughts on Taylor Swift's "The Black Dog"

Joe Alwyn Hints At His Thoughts On Taylor Swift’s “The Black Dog”


There are no NDAs in the Tortured Poets Department. Recently, Charlie Puth and Matty Healy have talked about their ties to Taylor Swift’s album. However, there’s one rumored muse who’s shown zero interest in the literary record: Joe Alwyn. There are several tracks on Tortured Poets that are speculated to be about the British actor, including “The Black Dog.” And while the ballad — which shares a name with a bar in London — seems to hint at his roots, he’s not convinced it’s about him.

In a June 15 interview with The Sunday Times, Alwyn spoke about what he likes to do in his free time. “It probably looks pretty similar to yours, or anyone’s — seeing friends, traveling, going to the pub,” he said. Alwyn didn’t name a specific pub, so he was asked if his go-to might be The Black Dog. He denied and said that he’s “never been to Vauxhall,” the area in London where the pub is located.

While his answer is straightforward, the publication noted he responded with “a smile that hints that there is more to say.” But true to his private nature, Alwyn didn’t speak further about the actual bar or the Tortured Poets track.

On “The Black Dog,” Swift mourns a past relationship while also reminiscing about their nights at the London-based bar. There are also rumors it might be about Healy, who has a notable connection to the ballad’s chorus.

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Alwyn’s latest comment about “The Black Dog” is interesting. Not only does it dismiss the theories it was a nod to his breakup with Swift, but it pokes a hole in the bar’s comment about the actor potentially being a frequent visitor. Shortly after Tortured Poets released, the pub’s social media manager Lily Bottomley told Sky News that they “have a certain blonde regular customer.” (Obvs, both Swift and Alwyn were still blonde during their six-year romance.)

This isn’t the first time fans believe Alwyn has subtly acknowledged his past romance with Swift. In September 2023, five months after their breakup was announced, the actor posted several photos on Instagram that felt specific to the singer’s music. But similar to his rumored ties to “The Black Dog,” that post’s hints might’ve just been a coincidence.