Taylor Swift's "loml" lyrics reveal wedding plans with Joe Alwyn.

Taylor Seems To Imply She & Joe Almost Got Married In This New Song

"You and I go from one kiss to getting married."

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When Taylor Swift was dating Joe Alwyn, there were several times when fans speculated they had secretly gotten married. However, the super-secret couple broke up without saying “I do.” But they might have gotten close to the altar then anyone knew. In Swift’s telling new song “loml,” she suggests that she and an ex (presumably Alwyn) got so close to getting married, they may have even tried on wedding clothes.

Surprisingly, Swift’s songs that appear to be about Alwyn on The Tortured Poets Department aren’t as biting as fans expected. At first glance, the song titles seemed very pointed at Swift’s ex, but her biggest lyrical disses sound directed at her most recent fling, Matty Healy. Instead, Swift seems to have more complex feelings about her time with Alwyn, which are most clearly explored in her forlorn ballad “loml.”

The contemplation on the love of Swift’s life — an acronym she later twists to the “loss of my life” — reveals some never-before-confirmed details about her relationship with Alwyn, including wedding plans. “You and I go from one kiss to getting married,” Swift croons at the beginning. She quickly clarifies they were “never quite married,” but remarks about seeing Alwyn in his “suit and tie” and declares things ended “in the nick of time.”

Later, Swift comments on how she and Alwyn were planning a life together, “talking rings and cradles.” “I wish I could un-recall how we almost had it all,” Swift mourns.

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Along with dropping those wedding planning details, “loml” also contains some eyebrow-raising lyrics that circle around the rumors Swift and Alwyn may have secretly been on-and-off before their final breakup. “Who’s going to stop us from waltzing back into rekindled flames, when we know the steps anyway,” Swift ponders. In the outro, Swift sings she “should’ve let it stay buried.”

Overall, it sounds like “loml” is one of the few Tortured Poets tracks to be definitively inspired by Alwyn, the other likely contender being “So Long London.” Both songs focus on the pain Swift felt towards the end of that relationship.