6 Times Fans Were Convinced Taylor Is Already Married Or Engaged To Joe

Kurt Krieger - Corbis/Corbis Entertainment/Getty Images

When Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn got together in 2017, the two made it clear their relationship was totally off-limits. However, considering the singer had pretty much provided unrestricted access to her love life up until then, it's no surprise fans have spent the past three years trying to piece together their secretive romance. Ever since her seventh studio album, Lover, was released in August 2019, there have even been several times fans speculated Taylor Swift is married or engaged to Joe Alwyn already, and IMO, some of the evidence is pretty compelling.

Swift has yet to comment on engagement or marriage rumors, but during a November 2020 interview with Entertainment Weekly, she seemingly shut down any speculation when she called Alwyn her "boyfriend." When asked about the process of making folklore, her surprise eighth studio album, Swift said, "The only people who knew were the people I was making it with, my boyfriend, my family, and a small management team." Despite this, Swifties are still convinced wedding bells are in the near future (if the two haven't already tied the knot, that is), and the release of her ninth studio album, evermore, has prompted even more speculation. Here are just some of the most compelling fan theories.

When She Teased Lyrics From "Lover"

During an August 2019 interview with Vogue, Swift leaked lyrics from her upcoming album Lover's title track, and they seemed very telling: "My heart's been borrowed and yours has been blue. All's well that ends well to end up with you." Swifties were convinced the lyrics sounded like a marriage vow, and they became even more convinced after Swift liked a Tumblr post speculating about an upcoming wedding.

When She Released "Paper Rings"

Once Swift released Lover in late August 2019, fans were quick to identify "Paper Rings" as another song suggesting an impending wedding. "I like shiny things, but I'd marry you with paper rings," she sings in the song, and while she could simply be saying she wants to marry Alwyn, other fans interpreted the line as a major clue she's already engaged.

When She Flashed A Diamond In 'Miss Americana'

When Swift's documentary Miss Americana dropped on Netflix in February 2020, one scene in particular caught several fans' eyes, thanks to a shiny piece of jewelry on that finger. In the portion of the doc where Swift criticizes Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn, she appears to be wearing a sparkly diamond ring, which naturally led to more engagement speculation.

When She Teased Her 'folklore' Bonus Track, "the lakes"

Not long after Swift surprised fans with folklore in July 2020, she teased a not-yet-heard bonus song "the lakes," which would be made available on Aug. 7. The album also happens to have songs entitled "august" and "seven," and one Swiftie took to TikTok to suggest a big announcement was coming on that day.

"In 'invisible string,' she says that they got lunch 'down by the lakes,'" the fan explained. "The day we're going to be able to hear 'the lakes' is Aug. 7. And I know what you're thinking — there's a song called 'august' and there's a song called 'seven.' Basically, Aug. 7, we're going to be able to hear some really big announcement in the song or a big announcement is going to happen Aug. 7. I think Taylor's getting married to Joe or maybe she's already married and she's going to announce it then." Sadly, that prediction didn't pan out.

When She Subtly Changed The Lyrics In "Love Story"

In December 2020, a re-recorded version of Swift's 2008 song "Love Story" was used in Ryan Reynolds' ad for Match, and fans picked up on a subtle lyrical change: Instead of singing, "Baby, just say, 'Yes,'" Swift sings, "Baby, just said, 'Yes.'" And of course, Swifties interpreted the change as a hint she'd said yes to a marriage proposal from Alywn.

When She Wore A White Dress In Her "willow" Video

Soon after the re-recorded version of "Love Story" dropped, Swift released yet another surprise album, evermore, as well as a music video for one of the album's songs, "willow." She posted a still from the video on Instagram, showing her in a long, white dress that fans thought looked suspiciously like a wedding gown. Hmm...

Even if Swift and Alywn are engaged (or even married!), I have a feeling they're going to keep everyone guessing (for)evermore.