Fans Think Taylor Hid A Clue About Her & Joe's Engagement In "Love Story"

by Candice Jalili
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Wait, did you notice that the re-recorded version of Taylor Swift's "Love Story" has a Joe Alwyn engagement clue in the lyrics?! The updated version of her 2008 song made its debut in Ryan Reynolds' new Match ad, and some particularly astute fans noticed she made a key change to one of the lyrics. Instead of singing, “Baby, just say, ‘Yes,'" Swift sings, "Baby, just said, ‘Yes.’”

The lyric switch obviously doesn't have to mean anything, but some fans are taking this as a clue that maybe Swift and Alwyn have gotten engaged. Turning to Twitter on Dec. 2, one particularly excited fan wrote:

Wait why aren’t we talking about the fact that Taylor said ‘it’s a love story baby just SAID yes.’ I just saw a tiktok and I didn’t even notice until the girl pointed it out. OMG [the] original lyrics are baby just say yes, is our queen trying to tell us something?”

Another fan on Twitter similarly gushed that same day:

GUYS WHAT IF TAYLOR RELEASES LOVE STORY FIRST BC SHES ENGAGED TO JOE !!! this would be chefs kiss but I literally have no evidence supporting this idea

This fan already has the new music video planned out:

picture this: the day has finally come. taylor swift has just released the music video for the new version of love story. joe is romeo. he kneels to the ground and pulls out a ring. that is how they announce their engagement.

ICYMI, this is the video with the new version of the song everyone is buzzing about:

Swift and Alwyn were first romantically linked to one another in 2017. Since then, they've maintained a relatively low profile. While she's typically tight-lipped about their relationship, Swift did recently reveal Alwyn played a pivotal role in the creation of her latest album Folklore. It turns out he was a songwriter on the album, credited with the pseudonym William Bowery.

"There's been a lot of discussion about William Bowery and his identity. He's not a real person," Swift told collaborators Aaron Dessner and Jack Antonoff in the film, per Entertainment Tonight, adding, "William Bowery is Joe, as we know. And Joe, Joe plays piano beautifully, and he's always just playing and making things up and kind of creating things."

So which songs did Alwyn help create? One she noted he inspired was "Betty," the song famously named after Reynolds' daughter with wife Blake Lively. "I just heard Joe singing the entire, fully formed chorus of 'Betty' from another room. And I just was like, 'Hello,'" Swift shared in the film, per ET. "It was a step that we would never have taken because why would we have ever written a song together? This was the first time we had a conversation where I came in and I was like, 'Hey, this could be really weird and we could hate this, so could we just, because we're in quarantine and there's nothing else going on, could we just try to see what it's like if we write this song together?'"

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Whether or not they're engaged, I think it's clear these two have a good thing going.