Love In (& Out) The Ton
After months of a rumors, 'Bridgerton's Bessie Carter & Sam Phillips seemingly confirmed their roman...

These 2 Bridgerton Stars Are Seemingly Dating IRL

They’re about to be the talk of the ton.

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Dearest gentle readers, Bridgerton’s third season was filled with romance. There were ball rendezvous, sweet meet-cutes, steamy moments that weren’t just limited to the bedroom — the tone of love was inescapable. Now, it seems that passion has bloomed off-screen for two of the show’s stars: Bessie Carter (who plays Prudence Featherington) and Lord Debling himself, Sam Phillips.

On June 22, the two actors were spotted getting cozy together while out in the UK. In the photos obtained by E!, Carter can be seen giving Phillips a kiss on the shoulder and cheek. The duo also shared a few smiles as they walked around town, occasionally looking at Phillips’ phone.

This sighting feels like Bridgerton’s alternate universe, where Lady Whistledown probably would’ve gawked at this romance in total disbelief. (Not all the juicy mess can make the final print, of course.) As known in the show, Phillips’ character almost got engaged to Penelope Featherington, Prudence’s younger sister and Whistledown herself, in the latest season. Meanwhile, Carter’s character — who went through the ringer of arranged marriage chaos in Season 2 — settled down with husband Harry Dankworth.


Though their characters rarely had screen time together, Carter and Phillips’ real-life romance has been brewing for a while. According to the Daily Mail, the couple met while filming the series in July 2022. Carter also reportedly moved in with Phillips last summer; however, they’ve kept their relationship under wraps until this recent PDA.

Before these new photos, rumors were already stirring the two were an item. It started when the two were spotted attending various events together, such as the after-party at London’s Theatrical Consequences: West End Gala in May 2023. Six months later, they appeared at the Wonka premiere alongside Carter’s parents, Imelda Staunton and Jim Carter. The two were also seen celebrating Season 6 of Netflix’s The Crown in December, and Phillips shared the moment on his Instagram.

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True to Bridgerton’s romance-driven atmosphere, Carter doesn’t seem to be the only Featherington sister who found a match on set. Earlier this month, Harriet Cains — also known as Philippa Featherington — sparked dating rumors with Benedict Bridgerton’s Luke Thompson.

Penelope may have been the star of Season 3, but it sounds like her sisters were the ones with actual love stories.