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Welp, It Sounds Like The Featheringtons Are Leaving Bridgerton

Ugh, I already miss them.

One of the best parts of Bridgerton Season 3 was Penelope’s family, the Featheringtons. Throughout the first two seasons, her marriage-obsessed mom Portia and cruel sisters Prudence and Philippa were portrayed as villains, akin to Cinderella’s wicked stepmother and evil stepsisters. But as Penelope’s love story with Colin blossomed, so too did her family’s hearts start to warm toward their overlooked sibling. Just as soon as fans grew to love the complicated fam, though... it looks like they’re going to disappear.

There’s no denying the Featheringtons were standout parts of Season 3, from Portia gaining a mutual understanding with Penelope, Prudence struggling to say some actual kind things to her siblings, and of course, Philippa’s deep passion for bugs. Not only did they provide some much needed comic relief, they also gave viewers some unexpected moments of emotion.

At the end of the season, all three Featherington daughters have given birth and are happily married, tying a nice bow on their stories. But it was a bittersweet end for some fans, as it seemed to suggest the Featheringtons may not appear in future seasons.

Those rumors were seemingly confirmed when actor Lorn Macdonald posted a farewell to his character Albion Finch after the season aired. “Huge thanks to everyone who made this a job I'll never forget and to all the fans showing your love for this weird little dude. It means a lot,” he wrote. “And to my Philippa. [Harriet Cains]. My partner in crime. It's been real.”

Macdonald’s message indicated both he and Cains are probably done playing Finch and his wife Philippa Featherington. And since that pairing is basically inseparable from Prudence and her husband Harry Dankworth, it would stand to reason they may also not be back for Season 4.


While nothing is confirmed yet, Macdonald’s post does seem to be a pretty clear indication that the Featherington sisters and their husbands are taking a break from the Ton.

On the bright side, there’s still hope for more Portia. It seems likely that Penelope and Colin will return in some regard next season, especially since the showrunner confirmed Lady Whistledown will continue her column. Given how close Penelope has grown with her mother, there’s a chance the Featherington matriarch could continue to make appearances.