Imelda Staunton and Jonathan Pryce as Elizabeth II and Prince Philip

These Memes Perfectly Capture How It Feels To Watch The Crown

I feel royally seen.

by Ani Bundel
Keith Bernstein/Netflix

For all the dollars that Netflix has spent in the last decade on original shows and movies, nothing quite tops The Crown in terms of the sheer scale of ambition. Six seasons, greenlit sight unseen, involving three full casts, cover 60 years of the life of Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, the then-ruling monarch of the United Kingdom. With the third cast introduced for the show’s final two seasons, these The Crown Season 5 memes prove that Netflix’s gamble was worth it.

Warning: Spoilers for The Crown Season 5 follow. When Netflix first announced The Crown, it was the most expensive series it had undertaken. Since then, others have surpassed it in that regard (Bridgerton and Stranger Things, to anme a couple), but it still looks as lush as ever. It’s one of the joys of watching the series, witnessing the sheer opulence of the real-deal royals that still live among us today.

The series also covers history, some of which older viewers will remember. The series is more akin to a Shakespeare history play when it comes to accuracy than a true docudrama, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t attempt to capture the truth of the era. The clothes, the recreation of significant events, and the soundtrack all lean into making the show a modern-day period piece covering the post-World War II era.

But separating fantasy from fiction can be a bit tough. Thankfully, viewers are on it — with memes, of course.

To be fair, some of the recreations are perfect. Elizabeth Debicki’s Diana, for example, is a genuinely remarkable performance.

Fans are also loving the callbacks to previous seasons.

Some moments might not be accurate or are embellished and positioned for dramatic effect in the timeline, but viewers choose to believe them anyway.

Even so, some of the history the show covers isn’t always stuff audiences want to remember. Case in point: Tampongate, one of the most famous moments in the Charles-and-Di divorce saga. Series creator Peter Morgan initially promised it would be glossed over, but then fans got to Season 5, Episode 5, and jaws dropped.

The Crown Seasons 1 through 5 are streaming on Netflix. Season 6 is expected in 2023.