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Joey Graziadei Says His Credit Score Dropped While Filming The Bachelor

The unseen cost of reality TV fame.

Joey Graziadei knows everyone’s worried about his finances. The concern first started on June 10, when he revealed on the Trading Secrets podcast that his credit score significantly dropped while filming The Bachelor. He also talked about moving in with fiancée Kelsey Anderson and her two roommates right after the season ended — noting their unique living situation made sense for their current lifestyle. Now, Graziadei’s clearing the air about his financial ups and downs on TikTok.

“There were headlines and videos that stated that I was in financial trouble. Let me set the record straight: I’m not broke. I’m doing just fine,” Graziadei said in the July 1 video, which was fittingly sponsored by Credit Karma. “My credit score did in fact drop by a substantial amount when I was on the show. This all came from me missing one small payment when I was away for three months.”

On the Trading Secrets podcast, Graziadei said his score — which was originally 730 — dropped 80 points after he “bought something online for a hundred bucks” and never paid it off. He then joked that at the time, he felt like “America’s sweetheart who couldn’t even get an apartment,” but that changed once he moved to New Orleans to live with Anderson. As Bachelor Nation loyalists know, he originally lived in Hawaii before he became the star of Season 28.

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Graziadei didn’t permanently fumble his score, of course. In his latest TikTok, he said he’s “raised his credit score” since the drop, and that his situation could “happen to anyone.” His words are true, as another former reality show bachelor — Izzy Zapata — recently had a similar credit score storyline on Love Is Blind.

However, unlike Zapata’s arc on the Netflix series, Graziadei’s credit drama didn’t plummet his romance with Anderson. In the Trading Secrets podcast, the engaged couple shared they have plans to move to New York together by the end of this year.