Stacy breaks down Izzy's bad credit situation and admits she was suspicious of his job on 'Love Is B...

Even Stacy Is Suspicious About Izzy’s Job After Love Is Blind

“It wasn’t just bad credit.”


Spoiler alert: This post discusses the Love Is Blind Season 5 finale and reunion.

Raise your hand if you still don’t understand Izzy’s financial situation. Toward the end of Love Is Blind Season 5, the insurance salesman found himself in hot water with his fiancé Stacy after he revealed he had bad credit and couldn’t own a credit card. The situation was never fully explained, and it also sparked some online chatter about the legitimacy of Izzy’s job. Thankfully, Stacy told Elite Daily all the details, including sharing some of her own suspicions about Izzy’s career.

“It wasn’t just bad credit,” Stacy replies when asked about Izzy’s finances. “It was not just, ‘Hey, I can’t get a credit card,’ where I’m like, ‘Oh, no.’”

The real issue was Izzy’s job, Stacy reveals. On the show, Izzy spoke about how he was in business sales but had recently been hired by an insurance sales firm. According to Stacy, Izzy didn’t fully understand how he was getting paid in this new gig.

“It was the way he described his job in the pods,” Stacy says. “During that financial conversation, he was like, ‘I work for a company where I’m 1099 and I just started and I don’t have benefits,’ and he couldn’t explain his pay structure.” (A 1099 form is used by freelancers and independent contractors, who are not salaried employees of a company.)

“I was like, ‘How much do you make a month if you’re 1099 and a 100% commission?’ And he couldn’t answer the question,” Stacy says. “And he didn’t have benefits. It was like, ‘If you get hit by a bus tomorrow, I am responsible for all of that and your medical bills.’ I was completely freaked out, and I felt very blindsided. I felt like I was about to go into debt because he didn’t have stability in his career or his finances.”


For some Love Is Blind viewers, Izzy’s job has been a red flag from the start. Fans have even alleged that it may be an MLM scheme. Stacy admits that she had suspicions about the job as well.

“I never met anyone he worked with,” she says. “He would tell me that he had to basically go shadowing his boss again. He was like, ‘I just started this job and since I took time off for the show, I’ve got my boss riding with me on all these site visits to make sure I know what I’m doing.’ And I’m like, ‘Wait, what?’ It was always news. It was always news to me.”

“I guess anyone that’s at a new job doesn’t necessarily know what they’re doing until they’re settled in, so that’s the best answer I can give for it,” Stacy concludes. “I just know that he sold insurance to company health insurance. That’s all I know.”