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Jena Malone Wants A Hunger Games Spinoff For Johanna

She deserves!

The Hunger Games tributes are split into four categories. There’s the popular circle, ruthless villains, those who died in their district, and survivors whose stories were forgotten. The latter describes Jena Malone’s character Johanna Mason, who was last seen in the franchise in 2015’s Mockingjay Part 2. Now that the world of Panem is expanding with new material, Malone’s rooting for her character to make a comeback.

In a June 24 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Malone was asked about the possibility of another Hunger Games movie happening in the future. “Come on, where’s Johanna Mason?” Malone said. “I’m like, I’m just waiting.” She then laid out a pitch for her character’s hypothetical spinoff, adding it shouldn’t be a prequel like the recent Hunger Games films.

“Let’s do an after. Let’s see what happens in the world 10 years later. Where does the government land? Where have we gotten in the revolution? I think that’s a really important part of our society. Yes, you can rebel, but then how do you rebuild?” Malone said. To be fair, these are questions that fans need answers to.

Malone first played the axe-wielding fighter in the second film, Catching Fire. She returned as Johanna in both Mockingjay movies; however, her victory quickly turned into a tragedy in those parts. For a refresher, it was revealed that President Snow — played by late Donald Sutherland — had her entire family killed. Then, after she won in District 7, she was kidnapped and tortured by the Capitol, leaving her too traumatized to progress to the next district.


Though the books explore the depths of Johanna’s trauma more than the movies, neither adaptation revealed what happened to her afterward. That blank spot has left viewers to crave more Johanna — yes, even the actual film knows she needs a redemption arc — and form their own happy endings for her, such as her reuniting with Katniss and Peeta in the future or returning to District 7 in honor of her family.

Considering the franchise is finally exploring Haymitch Abernathy’s backstory, a Joanna spinoff could be the permanent closure she deserves.