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Barry Keoghan’s Been Tweeting Sabrina Carpenter Easter Eggs Since 2013

“He went to the Travis Kelce school of invisible strings.”

Turns out, Barry Keoghan’s been dreaming of espresso for many summers. (Yes, it’s that sweet. No guessing necessary.) Ever since Keoghan and Sabrina Carpenter confirmed their romance at the Met Gala in March, they’ve been on everyone’s radar. With that popularity comes a little research, and fans recently noticed a hilarious gem in the couple’s lore: Keoghan’s been unintentionally tweeting the titles of her music since 2013.

Let’s start with his dose of caffeine. In November 2014, the Saltburn actor tweeted a photo of himself holding a small cup of espresso. “This time last year I told you I would that I would be an Espresso Addict,” he wrote. Now, nearly a decade later, he’s still praising the shot — well, at least Carpenter’s version of it. Earlier this year, Keoghan described the singer’s coffee-inspired hit as “amazing,” and supported it when it first released.


Then, a year prior, on July 16, 2013, Keoghan ominously tweeted: “Can someone Please please Please lend me The Sopranos..” Fast forward to 2024, the actor’s starring as a horny, modern day version of Clyde Barrow in Carpenter’s music video for “Please Please Please.” To be fair, this tweet introduced two new questions about his character: Is he supposed to be in the mafia? And did his imaginary family of organized crime pick him up at the end of the video? Maybe there’s something there.


That’s not all, though. Another fan also joked that Carpenter might have a track named “Kiss” on her upcoming Short n’ Sweet album, as Keoghan tweeted about “big big kisses” in December 2016. The connection? Carpenter has a red kiss stain on her shoulder on the album’s cover.

While these coincidences are a joke, this isn’t the first time this phenomenon has happened with a new couple. In April, fans noticed that Keoghan’s fellow Eras Tour brother, Travis Kelce, had a random connection to girlfriend Taylor Swift — and her recently released Tortured Poets Department album — over a decade ago. The parallel isn’t lost on fans of the two couples: “He went to the Travis Kelce school of invisible strings,” one fan wrote of Keoghan’s resurfaced posts.