That's That Me Espresso
I tried the Sabrina Carpenter "Espresso" Vanilla Rose Latte from Alfred Coffee.

I Tried Sabrina Carpenter's Espresso Vanilla Rose Latte & I Have Mixed Thoughts

“That morning coffee, brewed it for ya.”

Sabrina Carpenter must have actually put a shot (or two) of espresso in her new single, because people can’t stop listening to it. “Espresso” has even earned Carpenter her first-ever top 10 single on Billboard’s Hot 100. And to celebrate the new bop and the singer’s second week performing at Coachella, Alfred Coffee had a limited-time Sabrina’s Vanilla Rose Cold Foam Latte — which I tried.

The “Espresso” song-inspired drink was only available from Apr. 18 through Apr. 21, but you can easily make your own at home. The $7 drink is a essentially a vanilla latte with two shots of espresso and a rose-flavored cold foam on top. It was created in collaboration with the “Nonsense” singer, and the pink cold foam on top really matches the vibe of the “Espresso” music video.

It’s actually the cold foam with blue and white sprinkles on top that makes this drink extra special and Insta-worthy. Team Sabrina, Carpenter’s official fan club, commented on the Alfred Coffee announcement, “This drink’s face card never declines.” However, when I got my Sabrina Carpenter Latte, it was missing everything that makes it picture-perfect.

Alfred Coffee

My Sabrina Vanilla Rose Latte Didn’t “Dream-Came-Trued It” For Me

I was a bit busy the one weekend that Sabrina’s Vanilla Rose Cold Foam Latte was available, so I had to have it delivered via Uber Eats. When it arrived, I was disappointed. I expected a super cute pink and blue latte, but what I got was something that just looked like a regular iced coffee.

Either the cold foam melted in transit, or they completely forgot to give it to me. I think it was a mix of both since my drink was still rose-forward, but clearly missing any sprinkles. It’s possible they just gave me the rose syrup without the cold foam, but the whole point of ordering the special “Espresso” latte is to get the cute drink that I can snap a pic of before sippin’.

Rachel Chapman

Unfortunately, all I got was the taste of the Sabrina’s Vanilla Rose Cold Foam Latte, which was still delicious. It was mostly rose-flavored. I could barely taste the vanilla, but I didn’t mind it at all. I’m a huge fan of rose drinks, and I thought the syrup mixed well with the milk and espresso to create a super refreshing and delicious beverage. However, I can see how some people who are opposed to floral-flavored coffees might think otherwise.

I actually prefer Sabrina’s drink to some of the lavender lattes currently at Starbucks for the spring. I just wish it was available for longer, so I could go into the store and actually get a latte with all the works. Now that drink would be “that me espresso.”

Rating: 3 out of 5