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Sabrina Carpenter in her "Please Please Please" music video
The 7 Horniest Moments In Sabrina’s “Please Please Please” Music Video

Step aside, Jacob Elordi’s bathwater.

YouTube: Sabrina Carpenter

Sabrina Carpenter’s “Please Please Please” music video is four minutes and 22 seconds of extreme horniness between Carpenter and her boyfriend, Barry Keoghan. The plot has a bit of a Bonnie and Clyde twist to it, as Carpenter and Keoghan indulge in criminal activity while actively thirsting after each other. All the while, Carpenter’s singing, “I beg you, don't embarrass me, motherf*cker.” (Iconic behavior, TBH.)

If there’s one thing Keoghan has mastered as an actor, it’s playing the part of an unhinged, raunchy, and morally corrupt character. (See: Saltburn.) In “Please Please Please,” he’s proven once again that he has a knack for acting out a disconcerting kind of sexy.

Turns out, Carpenter knows exactly how to star opposite him, as if her “Nonsense” outros weren’t proof enough. Fans on X agree: They’re the definition of matching each other’s freak.

Here are the horniest moments from the music video, complete with time stamps JIC you want to watch them for yourself.

The Longing Stare At 0:56
YouTube: Sabrina Carpenter

The sexiness starts out strong in “Please Please Please.” Before a minute has passed, Carpenter and Keoghan exchange a longing stare from different parts of the local jail. (Romance isn’t dead, after all.)

The best part? Keoghan can’t manage to look away until he’s forcibly removed from the room.

Barry’s Winks At 1:21 & 2:38
YouTube: Sabrina Carpenter

Keoghan’s got a great wink, and he employs it more than once in the music video. The first time, he winks at Carpenter as she waits for him outside of lockup. Later in the video, he throws he another wink when they’re robbing a bank. Consistency is key.

The Car Reunion At 1:27
YouTube: Sabrina Carpenter

After being released, Keoghan and Carpenter have a steam-filled reunion on the hood of her car. Immediately afterwards, he opens up the car door for her... which may be the horniest moment of all?

The Car Canoodling At 2:06
YouTube: Sabrina Carpenter

Let it be known: These two are into sitting on cars. Later in the music video, Carpenter soothes Keoghan after he’s beaten up by some seedy characters. The way they’re sitting together and he’s leaning on her? Basically smut.

Barry Licking His Lips At 2:50
YouTube: Sabrina Carpenter

When Keoghan gets arrested (again), it seems like the least of his problems. He’s staring intensely at Carpenter while he’s cuffed and even licks his lips before being led away.

Sabrina Handcuffing Barry At 3:28
YouTube: Sabrina Carpenter

The police aren’t the only ones cuffing Keoghan. Before the video ends, Carpenter takes on that role, approaching him slowly and teasing him with a pair of handcuffs, while he looks on with his hands on his head. Hot!

The Duct Tape Kiss At 3:51
YouTube: Sabrina Carpenter

Carpenter and Keoghan only kiss once in the whole music video — and it’s after she’s duct-taped his mouth. That’s how the music video ends: Keoghan, cuffed and taped, while he stares into the camera... seemingly in Carpenter’s direction while she leaves him waiting.