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Charli XCX recently shared her thoughts about fans yelling anti Taylor Swift remarks at her 'Brat' s...

Charli XCX Responds To Fans Chanting Taylor Swift Hate At Her Shows

“It disturbs me.”

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On Charli XCX’s new album Brat, the singer reminds listeners that even the hottest it girls have their insecurities. Charli acknowledged the music industry’s age-old habit of competitively comparing female singers against one another, and used that to mend her relationship with Lorde and Marina Diamandis. However, it seems that healing hasn’t reached some of her fans, who recently had some choice words for Taylor Swift.

On June 21, Charli had her PARTYGIRL DJ set at a São Paulo nightclub. A Brazilian fan on X (formerly known as Twitter) posted a video of the show, alerting the singer that several fans in the audience were yelling “Taylor [Swift] is dead!” in Portuguese. “Could you do something about it? We don’t believe that’s what music should be about,” he wrote in the tweet, tagging Charli.

Charli noticed the tweet and shared it on her Instagram Stories, warning people to “please stop” this behavior “online or at my shows.” “It is the opposite of what I want and it disturbs me that anyone would think there is room for this in this community. I will not tolerate it,” the singer said.

The anti-Swift chants came days after fans accused the singer of blocking Charli’s album from dominating the charts. On June 13, the U.K. Official Charts reported Brat was on track to debut at No. 1 on her home country’s chart. Several hours later, Swift surprise released a U.K.-exclusive edition of The Tortured Poets Department, filled with live and acoustic versions of each track.

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Brat held a decent fight; however, by that following day, Swift’s album returned to the top spot for its sixth week. This isn’t the first time the “Fortnight” singer was criticized for allegedly blocking other albums from scoring No. 1. Earlier this month, her Tortured Poets add-ons went head-to-head with Billie Eilish’s latest record, Hit Me Hard and Soft, on the U.S. charts.

As for the harmful chants, it seems fans are also taking Charli’s Brat hit, “Sympathy Is A Knife,” into consideration. The glitchy number is about how an unnamed woman — who’s rumored to be Swift — makes Charli feel “insecure,” especially when she’s always lingering “backstage at [her] boyfriend’s show.”

While Charli hasn’t confirmed if Swift’s the inspiration behind that track, she’s definitely not here for the stan wars.