Lorde surprisingly dismissed the theories that she and Charli XCX are feuding in an iconic way.

Lorde Isn’t Buying Into Rumors Charli XCX Wrote A Diss Track About Her

“Charli just cooked this one different.”

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The “that froot looks familiar” lore will never die. In recent years, the bulk of Charli XCX’s rumored beefs have been the result of people comparing her music to other artists. Now, she might be dealing with another opponent: Lorde. Ever since the two singers became popular in 2013, they’ve been oddly compared to one another. And recently, fans believe Charli addressed those theories on her new Brat album. However, Lorde isn’t here for the lukewarm drama.

First, let’s address the “diss.” On June 5, Charli appeared on the Las Culturistas podcast and spoke about the album’s most notably shady track, “Girl, So Confusing.” On it, she describes her complicated friendship with another unnamed female singer. While she knows they have great chemistry, there’s an underlying rift — mostly driven by the media comparing them — that’s causing her to question their dynamic.

In the pre-chorus, she sings: “People say we’re alike / They say we’ve got the same hair.” This feels like a nod to her 2019 interview on 102.7KIISFM, where she revealed a taxi driver confused her for Lorde because of their similar “big, curly, and long hair.” There’s also the infamous 2014 gag when a radio host told Charli her favorite song of hers was “Royals.”

It’s clear that “Girl, So Confusing” is about a certain singer; however, Charli neither confirmed nor denied if it was written with Lorde in mind. “I haven’t quite decided whether I’m revealing,” she said on the podcast. “But now? I’m like, ‘Mm. Do you think I should reveal?’ People are gonna guess. You probably have an accurate guess, and I’m not gonna say out loud ‘cause you’ll tell by my face, but it’s probably going to be that person.”

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It seems Lorde isn’t buying into the speculations. On June 6, the Solar Power singer praised the album on her Instagram Stories.

“The only album I’ve ever pre-saved is out today,” she began the note, which features the album’s minimalistic cover art. “Charli just cooked this one different. So much grit, grace & skin in the game. I speak for all of us when I say it’s an honour to be moved, changed and gagged by her work. there is NO ONE like this b*tch.”

Despite the layered comparison theories, Brat might’ve just become Lorde’s album of the year.