Case Of The Soundalikes
Fans believe Camila Cabello has been taking ~very~ close notes of Charli XCX's sound.

Camila Cabello Is So Over The Charli XCX Comparisons: “F*ck Off”

Her new sound has caused a stir.

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Charli XCX’s “that froot looks familiar” lore lives on. The phrase stems from her 2016 drama with Marina (formerly known as Marina and the Diamonds), who accused Charli of copying the tropical flare of her FROOT album. Their beef fizzled as quickly as it started; however, it seems Charli might be having another froot moment of her own. Many fans have noticed that Camila Cabello’s new sound is very XCX-coded. And recently, Cabello shared her thoughts on the comparisons.

On Mar. 20, Cabello embraced the similarities in an interview with Paper Magazine. “I love Charli and I love Charli’s music, so I think [comparing us is] a huge compliment,” she said. “Charli loves me, so everybody can f*ck off.”

Shortly after, Charli showed her support on X (formerly known as Twitter). She tweeted the lyrics to Cabello’s upcoming single, “I Luv It,” which had sparked the soundalike discourse on social media earlier this month. When Cabello first teased “I Luv It” on Mar. 5, fans pointed out the production had a similar hyperpop sway to that of Charli’s discography. Not to mention, she’s using a repeated cadence in the chorus that feels reminiscent to Charli’s 2020 hit, “I Got It.”

That’s not all, though. The similarities trace back to late February, when Cabello shared several glimpses of her new era on Instagram. From the camcorder aesthetics to the stuttering synths in the background, there’s something about Cabello’s new concept that ties to Charli’s How I’m Feeling Now era — especially the album’s cover art.


It seemed Charli noticed the resemblance, and she slyly addressed it by creating her own lip-sync video to “I Got It” that looked just like Cabello’s clip. Shortly after, she tweeted: “comee onnn mess is fun! nothing matters!” While many fans noted her response was shady, others believed the two singers created this “beef” to further promote Cabello’s track. That wouldn’t be a farfetched idea, as the two have publicly supported each other over the years.

By the looks of their recent interaction, the froot in question might be XCX approved.

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