The Story Of "Us"
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Taylor Added That Gracie Abrams Easter Egg In "Fortnight" Last-Minute

The mastermind strikes again.

It would take longer than a fortnight to fully dissect all of the intricate details in Taylor Swift’s first music video from her Tortured Poets Department era, but thankfully she broke one of the most notable Easter eggs down in a behind-the-scenes feature. On June 21, two months after she released the “Fortnight” video, Swift shared a making-of featurette shedding some light on how she and Post Malone shot the black-and-white music video. And in it, she confirmed she threw in a major Easter egg at the very last minute.

It’s no secret the “Fortnight” video is riddled with Easter eggs, ranging from big celebrity cameos to subtle The 1975-coded references. One of the clearest allusions to immediately jump out to Swifties was the book Swift is reading while laying next to Malone later in the video. The hardcover is emblazoned with “Us” in big letters, which was also spotted at the Tortured Poets pop-up library a few days earlier. Initially, fans took this prop to be a callback to Swift’s Speak Now song “The Story of Us”... until she dropped her surprise collaboration with Gracie Abrams called “Us” a few months later.


The subtle teaser is even more special after Swift revealed in the BTS video that she drew the “Us” on the book herself with a Sharpie as a last-minute addition while filming.

“The thing that I really love about being on set is sometimes you figure out the shot two seconds before you do it and it makes all the difference,” Swift said, over footage of her writing on the book. “Like, we were just going to be standing there staring at each other, laying on the floor, but I was like, ‘What about a book?’ And then I put an Easter egg on the book.”


The Easter egg had a big pay-off a few weeks after the video dropped, when Abrams announced her collaboration with Swift in mid-May. Only time will tell if there are more future secrets hidden in the “Fortnight” video that fans just don’t know about yet.