Gracie Abrams and Taylor Swift's duet "Us" seems to be about Dylan O'Brien.

Here's Who Gracie & Taylor's "Us" Is Rumored To Be About

One lyric really stands out.

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Gracie Abrams and Taylor Swift’s new duet may be called “Us,” but there’s a mysterious third person who’s also involved. The wistful song about a rough breakup never gets too specific about its subject, except for in one lyric where Abrams lets slip a big clue. Interestingly enough, the theorized ex is someone Swift has also been connected with recently.

In the song, Abrams contends with her conflicting feelings of both missing and cursing her ex-boyfriend, with some devastatingly gorgeous vocal assists from Swift. Abrams describes the relationship as a very private one, asking her ex if he regrets “the secret of us” (which also happens to be her album’s title). Then, there’s the line that seems to reveal his identity: “You’re 29 years old,” Abrams coos in the second verse.

The age reveal points to Abrams’ rumored relationship with Dylan O’Brien in 2022. The two were never official, and really were only rumored to be together after they were spotted roaming the streets of New York City side by side in April 2022, but the age gap suggested in “Us” lines up. O’Brien would’ve been around 30 at the time the photo was taken of him with 22-year-old Abrams. Additionally, the fact that their rumored relationship stayed out of the public eye works well with Abrams describing it as “the secret of us.”


Interestingly enough, Abrams isn’t the only “Us” singer with a connection to O’Brien. A few months before the rumors about Abrams and O’Brien first bubbled up, O’Brien starred in Swift’s All Too Well: The Short Film, which released in November 2021. There were even some jokes that Swift may have set Abrams up with O’Brien thanks to this connection.

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It seems like Swift didn’t just take Abrams under her wing as a tour opener, she’s also given her a crash course in how to expertly bury juicy Easter eggs in her music. And “Us” is a prime example of a beautiful song with intriguing lyrics that will keep fans guessing.