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Taylor Swift Is Featured On Gracie Abrams’ Upcoming Album

Let’s go!

The Eras Tour darlings are reuniting. It’s been a year since Gracie Abrams, and her alarmingly short setlist, first made waves on Taylor Swift’s tour in April 2023. (Then again, she made up for it by opening 30 shows at the time.) She’s set to return to the Eras Tour later this year, and it’s looking like her set will probably be longer this time around. Abrams recently shared the tracklist for her upcoming album, The Secret of Us, on Instagram. And fittingly, she tapped Swift for a special guest appearance on the project.

“Screaming so loud,” Abrams captioned the surprise tracklist post. The Secret of Us — which will release on June 21 — has 13 songs, with Swift serving as the only feature on the record for a duet titled “us.” The song appears on the “A side” of the album, which tends to be more radio-forward (and sometimes, upbeat) compared to the latter half.

If this section does have a lighter sound, that’ll be a breath of fresh air for Swift. She’s been wallowing in slow, mournful ballads since the release of The Tortured Poets Department, after all.


It seems Swift had been teasing this new duet weeks before Abrams announced the tracklist. According to a fan on X (formerly Twitter), Swift hid a manilla notebook labeled “us” in her Tortured Poets library pop-up with Spotify in April. Also, Abrams — who’s been promoting her upcoming album’s single, “Risk,” since earlier this month — has praised Swift and her time on the Eras Tour several times recently.

In her May 8 interview with Jimmy Fallon, Abrams described her opening stint on the tour as a “crazy privilege.” “I watched every single one of her shows that I was lucky enough to open, and I watched from every place possible in each stadium just trying to pick up on how she’s able to do what she does,” she said. “And she’s such a one-of-a-kind person, friend, artist, all the things.”

Clearly, the Easter eggs have been hiding in plain sight for sometime now. Here’s everything to know about Abrams’ The Secret of Us, so far.

Gracie Abrams’ Most Intimate Secrets Will Be Revealed Soon

Abrams’ upcoming album will release on June 21.


The Secret Of Us Is An Album Courted With Romance

By the looks of the album’s tracklist, it seems Abrams will be dissecting the highs and lows of being in a relationship. Check out the full roster:

  1. “Felt Good About You”
  2. “Risk”
  3. “Blowing Smoke”
  4. “I Love You, I’m Sorry”
  5. “Us” (feat. Taylor Swift)
  6. “Let It Happen”
  7. “Tough Love”
  8. “I Knew It, I Know You”
  9. “Gave You I, Gave You I”
  10. “Normal Thing”
  11. “Good Luck Charlie”
  12. “Free Now”
  13. “Closer To You”
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The Secret of Us is heavily produced by The National’s Aaron Dessner, who’s worked with Swift in the past, so it’ll be interesting to hear his distinctively indie touch on the record.