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Travis Kelce Turned Down A Netflix Show Because He’s “Over” Reality TV

Catching Kelce was enough for him.

Travis Kelce has many different career titles. He’s notably “the guy on the Chiefs,” a podcast and festival host, a singer that sometimes dances in a top hat, and a former reality TV bachelor. That last one might be his shortest job to date, as his 2016 dating show, Catching Kelce, only lasted for one season. Now, eight years later, it seems he isn’t too fond of reality TV. In a recent interview, Kelce revealed he declined a chance to star in Netflix’s new football show, Receiver.

Kelce said the network approached him about the docuseries, but he had no interest. “I did get asked about it, but I don’t know. I’d rather just play ball, man,” he said on the Bussin’ with the Boys podcast on June 24. He noted he was asked after his teammate, Patrick Mahomes, starred in 2023’s Quarterbacks, a prequel to Receiver. “I’m already doing enough with the podcast and everything.”

Receiver, which aired in early June, follows five NFL receivers from different teams. While Kelce would’ve been an ideal candidate, he added he was “way over the reality sh*t.” However, he praised his brother, Jason Kelce, and his 2023 Prime documentary about him grappling with the idea of retiring from the NFL after 13 years. He eventually did hang up his Philadelphia Eagles jersey in March of this year.

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“I think [Jason] did it the right way, but that was so him. I just don’t know if I have the desire to do anything like that. I’d rather just focus on ball, baby,” Kelce said.

While the NFL star isn’t interested in a docuseries, he’s definitely excited about his other TV gigs. In the podcast, he gushed about his new stint on Prime’s Are You Smarter Than a Celebrity? and his foray into FX’s horror scene. In May, it was announced he’s starring in Ryan Murphy’s upcoming series, Grotesquerie. Maybe they heard his feral rendition of “Viva Las Vegas” and thought he had the perfect shriek to be a final boy?