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Travis Kelce’s Concert Included A Few Moments Just For The Swifties

Kelce Jam is officially the Eras Tour’s brother.

Travis Kelce isn’t just the guy on the Chiefs who occasionally sings. He’s also the mastermind behind his very own music festival, Kelce Jam. On May 18, the tight end hosted the festival in Bonner Springs, Kansas — a half-hour outside his football team’s hometown of Kansas City — for the second time. This year’s event had all the exciting thrills, such as Kelce bouncing around the stage like a devoted hype man, a short but effective list of headliners, and several sweet nods to his girlfriend Taylor Swift.

Kelce Jam 2024 was destined to be a party. On Apr. 2, Kelce told the Hollywood Reporter that he would be celebrating his team’s latest Super Bowl win while also keeping it “fresh and new.” Fast forward to the festival, and the football star kept his word. DJ Irie first opened the event with a few mixes before headliners such as Lil Wayne, 2 Chainz, and Diplo — who’s now on good terms with Swift after his one-sided feud with her in 2017 — also performed their own sets.

The true highlight of the night was Kelce’s small shoutouts to Swift, such as him revealing his favorite era of hers during an off-stage interview. Let’s take a look at the festival’s greatest moments, from Kelce tapping into his inner Ken to teasing that Swift could possibly perform at a future Kelce Jam.

Travis Included A Quick Cameo Of Taylor In His Super Bowl Montage
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Though Swift wasn’t at Kelce Jam (she’s currently on her Eras Tour), the singer was there in spirit. During the festival, Kelce played a montage of the Kansas City Chief’s prior Super Bowl wins, including their recent one from February. In that specific clip, he quickly showed Swift cheering him on at this year’s game and him making her signature heart-shaped hand gesture. Obvs, Kelce isn’t new to the Swiftieverse.

Travis Was Lil Wayne’s Biggest Supporter
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When Lil Wayne’s onstage, you have to rap along. Kelce followed this rule, as he was seen mouthing the lyrics and dancing to “Uproar.” Later on in the show, he appeared onstage with Wayne and 2 Chainz (fittingly, the duo performed “Duffle Bag Boy”) and flexed the Chief’s latest Super Bowl trophy.

It’s a shame Swift missed the concert, since her viral dance to Lil Wayne’s “A Milli” at last year’s VMAs proved she’s a fan.

Travis Wasn’t The Only Kansas City Chief At The Festival
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Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz weren’t the only guest stars at Kelce Jam. Kelce’s teammate, Patrick Mahomes, also made a surprise appearance.

Wait, Will Taylor Swift Headline A Future Kelce Jam?
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It’s been over a decade since Swift performed at a music festival. (She last performed her Fearless album at the U.K.’s V Festival and the CMA Fest in 2009.) But now, there’s a chance she might be a headliner at a future Kelce Jam.

During an interview at the event, Kelce joked about the changes he would have to make if she made an appearance. “I don’t know, man. That would be crazy. We’d have to go to a stadium,” he told Billboard. “I don’t think the amphitheater that we’re in right now can hold that.”

Kelce Jam Was In Its Speak Now Era
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During DJ Irie’s set, he briefly played a mashup of Swift’s 2009 hit “Mine” with Calvin Harris’ — yes, one of her most notable exes — “Feels So Close.”

Travis Was The Leader Of His Own Mojo Dojo Casa House — In A Good Way
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Kelce, meet Barbie’s Ken. While the football star wore his own merch off-stage, he changed into a another outfit — which looked like a denim version of Ryan Gosling’s bandana and fur coat look from the film — later on that night. This was clearly his Mojo Dojo Casa House moment, and as seen in multiple videos, he was the life of the party at his own festival.

During the event, Kelce began spraying the crowd with two huge hoses of smoke, signed a few footballs, hit a couple dance moves, and loudly shrieked the chorus to AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long.”

Travis Traded Friendship Bracelets With A Fan
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Let the Eras Tour folklore continue. Kelce’s aware of the lore behind fans trading friendship bracelets at Swift’s show. (For those who don’t know, he first tried to shoot his shot with her by writing his number on a bracelet; however, he wasn’t able to give it to her.)

Now, he’s toting along that tradition to Kelce Jam. In one TikTok, the football star can be seen trading a stackable bracelet with a Swiftie.