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Travis Kelce revealed his favorite Taylor Swift song is "Blank Space" from '1989.'

Travis Kelce Just Proved He's The Ultimate 1989 Stan

Real ones already knew.

Fernando Leon/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Every Swiftie has their favorite era, and now Travis Kelce is finally revealing his. Ever since he began dating Taylor Swift, Kelce has dropped a few clues about which of her songs he especially loves. As anyone who’s been paying close attention may have already guessed, Kelce confirmed he’s all about Swift’s 1989 era recently. And his favorite song is a very well-known single.

Kelce went full Swiftie while talking about his girlfriend’s discography ahead of his Kelce Jam concert on May 18. When asked which section of Swift’s Eras Tour he liked best, Kelce shouted out his fave album. “I’m a big 1989 era,” Kelce told Access Hollywood. Although, Swift’s latest album is also having a big impact on him: “I’m not gonna lie, I might be a little biased towards The Tortured Poets Department. Just a little bit.”

He doubled down on his fandom when asked to pick his top three Swift songs. The 1989 single “Blank Space” took his top spot, with Tortured Poets tracks “The Alchemy” and “So High School” following it. It’s no surprise Kelce would highlight those two new songs, since they are thought to be inspired by him, but it sounds like even they can’t dethrone “Blank Space” as his ultimate jam.


Kelce has been making his love for 1989 — and “Blank Space” in particular — known for a while, actually. Back in November, he told The Wall Street Journal that “Blank Space” was the song he was most excited to see Swift perform live when he went to the Eras Tour. He also loves to bust out some dance moves whenever fellow 1989 single “Shake It Off” starts playing, and dressed in the album’s signature color blue-and-white colors when he and Swift first made their relationship public.

He may be a 1989 lover at heart, but Kelce’s affection could easily shift now that The Tortured Poets Department is out. Parts of the latest album seem to immortalize Kelce and Swift’s whirlwind romance, and Swift has even included references to Kelce in the newly added Eras Tour set for the album. But for the moment, it doesn’t sound like anything is filling in Kelce’s “Blank Space.”