Taylor Swift's "The Alchemy" lyrics seem to recount her Super Bowl moment with Travis Kelce.

Taylor’s New Song "The Alchemy" Is Full Of Travis-Inspired Lyrics

The Tayvis national anthem has arrived.

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Travis Kelce, it’s finally time to officially welcome you into the the Taylor Swift songbook. Swift’s NFL boyfriend seems to have inspired his first love song on the singer’s new album The Tortured Poets Department. And although Swift is known for drawing musical inspiration from her beaus, this song caught fans by surprise for a few reasons: the album’s moody theme suggested it would focus on Swift’s exes, and her relationship with Kelce is relatively recent compared to the two years she’s been crafting Tortured Poets.

While most of the album does center around Swift’s two most recent exes, she also provides a glimpse into her current love story towards the end of the tracklist. In “The Alchemy,” Swift describes the chemical reaction of falling head over heels for someone. But the imagery is less scientific and more... athletic. The lyrics are filled with football metaphors.

“When I touch down call the amateurs and cut them from the team,” Swift sings in the chorus. “These blokes warm the benches, we've been on a winning streak.”

But the most telling part of all is the bridge, which seems to describe how Swift and Kelce celebrated after the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl in February:

Shirts off and your friends lift you up over their heads / Beer sticking to the floor cheers chanting cuz they said / There was no chance trying to be the greatest in the league / “Where's the trophy?” / He just comes running over to me.

Those final lines perfectly capture Swift and Kelce’s romantic makeout session on the field after his team won the Super Bowl.

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As the Tayvis romance has heated up, fans have pulled out certain songs in Swift’s catalogue that feel particularly Kelce-coded, but since she hadn’t released new music since the relationship started, there was never a Swift song that was actually inspired by her football-star BF. Now there finally is.

But originally, Swifties predicted “The Alchemy” was going to be completely different. When its title first dropped, superfans assumed it would be a breakup track about Alwyn, since Swift frequently used gold as a metaphor for Alwyn’s love. Turns out, Swift discovered something even more precious than gold.