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Taylor Swift's 'Tortured Poets' choreo references Travis Kelce and Matty Healy.

Taylor's New Tortured Poets Choreo Includes Matty & Travis Easter Eggs

If there was ever a doubt who these songs were about...

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Taylor Swift didn’t just hide telling Easter eggs in her lyrics — it looks like she’s also spilling about who her new songs are about in referential dance moves. On May 9, Swift added her latest album The Tortured Poets Department to her Eras Tour, performing seven of the album’s tracks live for the first time (well, eight if you count the surprise song). And while the new sets and outfits for the TTPD set were eye-poppingly stunning, it was a few choice moves that really caused a stir online.

For two of the performances in particular, it seemed like Swift was sending kinetic shoutouts to a pair of the men in her life. And they were very different messages. The first dance that struck fans as hilariously familiar was during “So High School,” a song widely believed to have been inspired by Swift’s romance with Travis Kelce.

Not only did Swift replicate the Kansas City Chiefs’ “swag surfin’” dance, fans also pointed out how she did not just one, but two of Kelce’s go-to touchdown dances during the performance. There were more Kelce references, too — like callbacks to Swift’s gestures at Chiefs games and red and yellow lights shining on the stage.

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Swift wasn’t just dancing for Kelce, though. During “The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived,” which is thought to be inspired by Swift’s ex Matty Healy, the pop star seemed to mimic Healy’s signature movements on stage. During the bridge, Swift militantly marched across the stage and gave a salute, which Healy’s fans pointed out is also something he’s known to do at The 1975 concerts.

Additionally, Swift ended the song by pretending to pass out and having her dancers carry her to a couch. It’s a very similar staging to Healy’s, as some viral side-by-side videos show.

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This isn’t the first time Swifties have picked up on allusions to Swift’s love life in the Eras Tour. Back at the start of the tour, Swift removed “Invisible String” from her set list, which fans have since taken as a hint to her breakup with Joe Alwyn.