Eras Shifting
Taylor Swift changed elements of her Eras Tour after releasing 'Tortured Poets Department.'
Taylor Made So Many Changes To The Eras Tour After Tortured Poets

Welcome to the new era.


This isn’t the Eras Tour you’re used to. On May 9, Taylor Swift kicked off the second leg of her world tour in Paris, France, and surprised fans with several big changes to the show. Swifties were already anticipating some alterations to the concert since The Tortured Poets Department had released over the hiatus, but nobody could have guessed just how majorly Swift would change things up.

Swift had fans closely watching her first Paris show to clock the various ways she would incorporate her new album into her carefully crafted live show. As she had been teasing with some not-so-well-hidden Easter eggs, the set list did undergo changes as some beloved older songs were removed and new faves were added. The biggest new additions were a handful of performances from her latest album The Tortured Poets Department, but that wasn’t the only section that is no longer the same as it was in the U.S.

From a fresh new wardrobe to subtle details only superfans will catch, here are all the ways the new Eras Tour is different from the original one.

New Intro

The first change came right at the top of the show, when Swift included a shoutout to The Tortured Poets Department in her pre-recorded intro that mentions all of her album names.

New Outfits
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Swift also updated her wardrobe for the second leg of her tour. She rocked a new, orange jumpsuit for her Lover era, a sparkly new dress for the Fearless set, and a new shirt for her Red era.

In fact, pretty much everything Swift wore to kick off the new iteration of the Eras Tour was new. The only mainstay from the first leg is the same black and red outfit Swift wore for Reputation.

New Dances

Swift added fresh performance elements throughout the show, not just for the Tortured Poets section. There was a newly added dance sequence to shift from Red to Speak Now, along with new visuals for the Speak Now era.

New Visuals

In addition to the new screen projections for Speak Now, Swift also updated the vibe for her Reputation era with a newly added snake video.

Cut Songs

Unfortunately, Swift had to remove some songs from her set list to make room for the new music. The following songs that she previously performed on the tour got cut:

— “The Archer”

— “Long Live”

— “The 1”

— “The Last Great American Dynasty”

— “Tolerate It”

— “‘Tis The Damn Season”

Added Songs
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While fans had to say goodbye to some beloved songs, Swift’s new Tortured Poets section added a bunch of new songs to the Eras Tour set list. These new additions are:

  1. But Daddy I Love Him
  2. “So High School”
  3. “Who’s Afraid Of Little Old Me”
  4. “Down Bad”
  5. “Fortnight”
  6. The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived
  7. “I Can Do It With A Broken Heart”
Rearranged Eras
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One of the biggest changes to the show is the brand-new order of Swift’s eras. In the first leg, Swift would perform her songs from Evermore after Fearless, but for her European dates, she moved Red up to be after Fearless. After that change, Swifties noticed she was switching up all her eras. Here’s the new order:

  1. Lover
  2. Fearless
  3. Red
  4. Speak Now
  5. Reputation
  6. Folklore & Evermore (newly combined)
  7. 1989
  8. The Tortured Poets Department
  9. Midnights
Combined Eras
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Probably the biggest change in terms of how Swift separates her show is that now she’s performing Folklore and Evermore as one combined era. In the past, the two albums got distinct segments, but for the European leg, Swift told the crowd to think of the sister albums as one: “On the Eras Tour we have now reunited the sisters. You can call it folklore, evermore or you can call it the sister albums.”

Because of the merging, the set list for this section has also been reordered.