Travis Kelce recently thanked Swifties for helping their Christmas duet hit the iTunes chart.

Travis Thanked Taylor & The Swifties For Making His Song Go No. 1

He knows who's *really* been streaming the single.

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‘Tis the season of Christmas pop music. Mariah Carey has officially defrosted her ringing falsettos, Sabrina Carpenter recently dreamt up a “white xmas,” and Travis and Jason Kelce embraced their holiday cheer in a surprising duet. Yes, the NFL stars can surprisingly hold a note. On Nov. 15, the brothers released their joint song “Fairytale of Philadelphia,” which appeared on Jason’s annual Philly Special Christmas Special album. The track has become a hit with Swifties, who helped it go No. 1 on iTunes within ~hours~ of its release.

This dedication, which might be more impressive than Swifties learning football jargon to watch Travis’ games, didn’t go unnoticed by the Kelce brothers. On the Nov. 22 episode of their New Heights podcast, the duo expressed their gratitude to the fanbase.

“We owe a big thanks to one group in particular, besides the 92 percenters,” Jason said, referencing the moniker given to fans of their podcast. “And that’s the Swifties, because the Swifties came out.”

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Jason then reflected on the track’s quick rise on the charts. When “Fairytale of Philadelphia” — a witty remix of the Pogues’ 1988 holiday anthem “Fairytale of New York” — originally released, it reportedly debuted at No. 8 in the top 10 songs on iTunes. Jason celebrated the achievement on Twitter, and later realized just how huge the Swifties’ response to the duet was.

“I sent out one tweet when [the song] got to 8. I got like 85 tweets from Swifties across the world being like, ‘Oh, you think eight is good? We’re taking this to number one!’ And they did. [They’re] a powerful group of people,” the Philadelphia Eagles center said.

The brothers’ surprised reaction to the track’s success is fitting, considering they reportedly recorded the tune before rumors of Travis’ relationship with Taylor Swift took over the internet. Now, with their romance being official, it’s no surprise that Swifties want to see Travis win both on and off the field.

He tipped his hat to both Swift and her fanbase on the podcast. “Thanks, Taylor. Appreciate you. And thank you to the Swifties. Thank you,” he said.

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With such major feedback, it seems Travis’ huskily singing about his brother’s football team (and hilariously calling him a “dirtbag, phony, and lousy jabroni”) is going to be in every Swiftie’s rotation this holiday season.