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These locations from Taylor Swift songs include New York City, London, Pennsylvania, and more.

Locations From Taylor Swift Songs & Albums You Can Visit IRL

Retrace Swift’s musical footsteps across the globe.

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Taylor Swift’s discography spans 10 original studio albums, sharing both fictional and nonfictional influences from her life experiences. Whether a track is a love song or a breakup banger, she often creates a setting for the story, by placing it in a specific street, city, or state. From her ever-mentioned “small town” upbringing to the glowing streets of New York City, here’s every location from Taylor Swift songs and albums you can visit IRL.

A lot of the time, Swift also uses these places as metaphors for the situations or emotions she wants to convey at a certain point in her life. For example, much of the 1989 album takes place in New York City, with the opening track being “Welcome To New York.” The whole album centers around themes of being in her early twenties, experiencing love and fun, and finding herself in a place that she’s inspired by. The Lover album finds Swift years older, with her endgame twin flame, of whom she uses “London Boy” to express her anglophile obsession for both the city and the mystery man. Also, in the Midnights track “Paris,” she uses the city itself as a literary device to represent the dreamy “place” you go when you fall in love.

In a way, the pins she drops throughout her musical catalog are “easter eggs” themselves, because, when you visit them in person, you can better understand the mood and the story a song is illustrating. You can embark on a Swiftie scavenger hunt and click through this map to retrace Taylor’s musical footsteps across the globe. Here are 24 places mentioned in Taylor Swift songs.

Places From Taylor Swift Songs

Georgia, USA
Georgia, United States

The first location Swift names in her discography is in the first two lines of her debut album. In “Tim McGraw” she touches on her Southern influence in the lyrics: “He said the way my blue eyes shined put those Georgia stars to shame that night.”