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Taylor Swift on the red carpet in NYC, which is where you can now buy Taylor Swift's Cornelia Street...

Swifties, Taylor Swift's Cornelia Street Apartment Is For Sale

The iconic pad looks nothing like you'd expect.

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Taylor Swift may “never walk Cornelia Street again,” but fans wanting to relive the singer’s Lover era can now walk in the singer-songwriter’s footsteps — literally. The iconic apartment that inspired the “Karma” star is back on the market, which means you can buy Taylor Swift’s Cornelia Street apartment in NYC. Of course, it’s going to cost you.

Some context for the non-Swifties: Taylor Swift rented the iconic Cornelia Street apartment in 2016 when her Tribeca pad was being renovated. While she only lived there for a few months, the townhouse located in the West Village became a source of inspiration for Swift. She even wrote the song “Cornelia Street” from her album Lover about her time in the apartment. The lyrics to “Cornelia Street” reference a relationship that Swift cares deeply about, while living on the street in NYC. If that relationship were to end, it would break her heart so much that Swift says, “I’d never walk Cornelia Street again.”

While some Kaylor stans — aka Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift fans — would love to believe “Cornelia Street” is about their friendship breakup, many believe “Cornelia Street” is about Joe Alwyn. When Swift was renting the apartment, this was around the same time her relationship with Alwyn was just beginning. With this theory, Swift’s time in the Cornelia Street apartment was a romantic one filled with sweet memories of her and the Conversations with Friends actor getting to know each other. Now that Swift and Alwyn have broken up, she may actually never revisit Cornelia Street again, but you may want to make your own memories in this iconic location.

How Much Is Taylor Swift’s Cornelia Street Apartment In NYC?


You might want to sell your Eras Tour tickets if you want to live in Swift’s Cornelia Street apartment, as the townhouse is listed for nearly $18 million. If that’s a little too steep for you, it is also still available to rent for just $45,000 a month. That could almost pay for a year of tuition at NYU, if you were really following in Dr. Taylor Alison Swift’s steps. However, living in NYC is not cheap, and the Cornelia Street apartment does come with a lot of space and a great location.

First of all, living in the West Village is a dream for a lot of Manhattanites. You’ll be close to Washington Square Park and the West 4th Street subway station. The Cornelia Street apartment is also walking distance from the Friends apartment and Carrie Bradshaw’s brownstone from Sex and the City, which is right around the corner from Magnolia Bakery. It’s one of the bougiest and most-desired neighborhoods in the city.

What Does Taylor Swift’s Cornelia Street Apartment Look Like?


Of course, if you’re living in Swift’s Cornelia Street apartment, you won’t need to venture out too much. You’ll have everything you need in your four-story home, which includes an indoor pool in the living room on the garden floor, which has its own gym as well. Surprisingly enough, the space is a lot more modern than some Swifties would have assumed, considering Swift’s current home gives off a more colorful and cozy vibe.

While the exterior of the townhouse — which used to be a carriage house in the 1800s — looks more Swift-like on the outside, the inside has been completely transformed. There are also four bedrooms, so you can invite your entire Swift squad over for a sleepover. Two of the bedrooms, including the primary bedroom, have their own terrace so you can overlook the West Village as you’re sipping on coffee in the morning. You could even find inspiration to write your own song, while sitting out there next to the fireplace as you “bless the rains on Cornelia Street” or feel the “autumn air.”

For your other guests without a terrace of their own, there is a rooftop on the fourth floor. You could sit up there like Swift and Alwyn, or throw a dinner party for all your besties. When it gets too chilly, move the party indoors to the dining room. It’s next to the kitchen, which if you’re familiar with the song, you know Swift was “barefoot in the kitchen” — probably making chai cookies or drinking wine.

The best part for the Merediths, Olivias, and Benjamins in your life is that the Cornelia Street apartment is pet-friendly. In addition to a garage you can drive into, you also get a walk-in closet off the main bedroom, which is perfect for all your cardigans and concert tees from all the eras. Also let’s face it, having closet space in NYC is a huge win. It’s easy to see why Swift loved her Cornelia Street apartment so much.

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