Taylor Swift celebrated her track, "All Too Well (10 Minute Version)" receiving a Song Of The Year n...

Taylor Revealed Which Of Her Songs She’s Most Proud Of

Fans love this one, too.

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One of Taylor Swift’s most treasured songs received major recognition from the 2023 Grammy nominations on Nov. 15. In celebrating this success, Swift just to happen to reveal this song is also the one she’s most proud of. Can you guess what song it is? Hint: The track is a 10-minute gem about heartache and that infamous, yet nonexistent red scarf.

Yes, it’s “All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version).” Swift earned four Grammy nominations, including two for “All Too Well.” Of course, she was over the moon about it.

“All Too Well 10 is the song I’m the most proud of, out of anything I’ve written,” she wrote in an Instagram story on Nov. 15. The text was posted on top of a clip from the All Too Well short film.

In particular, Swift was honored the track was nominated for Song of the Year. “The fact that it’s nominated for Song of the Year at the Grammys, an award I’ve never won, that honors the songwriting... it’s momentous and surreal,” she wrote.

Swift’s other Grammy noms this year include the All Too Well short film competing for Best Music Video and “I Bet You Think About Me (Taylor’s Version)” competing for Best Country Song. She also landed a nomination for Best Song Written for Visual Media for “Carolina,” her song from the Where the Crawdads Sing soundtrack.

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Turns out there’s a few things Swift knows all too well, including how thrilling a Grammy nod is. She’s garnered 46 nominations (and won 11) over the course of her career. She shares in some of these nominations with Liz Rose, her long-standing co-writer who also helped pen “All Too Well.”

Swift shouted her out in the Instagram post following this week’s nominations. “[We] reminisced about how we started writing together when I was 14. She believed in me then and we are nominated together now,” Swift wrote.

To conclude her heartfelt note, Swift doubled down on her excitement for the nomination. “I want to ramble about the magic and mystery of time and fate and reclaiming my art but instead I think I’ll go scream for ten minutes straight. And think about how this wouldn’t have happened without you,” she wrote.

With this year’s SOTY nomination, the pop star joins Paul McCartney and Lionel Richie in a three-way tie for songwriters with the most nominations in the category, according to ET.

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