Must-haves from Taylor Swift Album Merch For 'Midnights.'
Taylor Swift’s Midnights Merch Shop Includes The “Bejeweled” Bracelet

Check off the Swiftie on your holiday gift list.

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Taylor Swift dropped her new album Midnights as if she were Santa, bringing a little magic into our homes and swiftly disappearing back into the starry night. In addition to plenty of new hits, the mastermind also dreamed up new album merch that’s perfect for holiday gifting this year. From apparel, accessories, and home decor, the aesthetic of the new items takes on the moody 1970s vibe of the album art and include plenty of references to her lyrics, naturally. Here’s all the must-haves from Taylor Swift’s Midnights merch store.

You can grab all the new era items from Swift’s official online store, along with the Midnights vinyl collection, CDs, and cassettes. If you’re shopping for a Swiftie this holiday season, there are so many fun options and bundle ideas. You could complete their vinyl collection with the connecting wall clock, or order the vinyl photo wood frame and with one of the four color vinyl editions. The Bejeweled Bracelet, which is the subject of a lot of TikTok era theories, is also available in the Midnights shop, as well as the “Vote For Me For Everything” pin from the Anti-Hero music video. The Midnights poster and fleece album art blanket would work great in a Swiftie dorm room as home decor too.

There are so many ways to rep this era, including Swift’s’s vintage-inspired ringer tees, corduroy caps, and groovy bags, or graphic tees that front lyrics to instant classics like “Snow On The Beach” and “Karma.” Hit the official Midnights merch store while these exclusive items are still available.

Midnights Sleep Mask And Scrunchie

If you wrestle with restless nights, this lavender silk eye mask and scrunchie set might help you block out the ghosts in your room.

“Karma Is My Boyfriend” Tee

Karma can be so many things; a cat, a queen, the breeze, and even bae. If Karma’s a relaxing thought for you, rep the anthem with this “Karma Is My Boyfriend” tee.

Vinyl Wall Clock Set

She’s a clock... it’s a clock.” You can get the pieces to the wall clock that connects the back covers of the vinyl collection that was revealed during Midnights Mayhem. “It can help you can tell time” and, unlike Taylor, your midnights won’t become your afternoons.

Midnights Hoodie

A classic album hoodie is a must-have for every era. This one is white and printed with a blue graphic of the ablum art.

“Anti-Hero” Pin

Twin with Taylor with this “Anti-Hero” music video pin that’s only three dollars. Everyone’s the anti-hero in their own story, after all.

“Snow On The Beach” Tee

This moody, snow globe graphic tee sings the opening lyrics to “Snow On The Beach Feat. Lana Del Rey” and is a great gift if your bestie is a fan of both singers.

Midnights Backpack

The Midnights backpack is made of brown faux leather with gold hardware and 1970s-inspired striping in brown and red.

Midnights Poster

The official album shoot for the Midnights album featured Taylor basically just chilling on the couch and ruminating over regrets and revenge. If you do that at home too, this Midnights poster will set the vibe on your wall.

Midnights Duffle Bag

Skip town in style with this funky duffle bag that you can grab and go in the middle of the night.

Midnights Sweatpants

Most late nights are for sweatpants. You can order cozy Midnights sweats in two color ways of blue and brown.

Midnights Cover Fleece Blanket

Cozy up this winter with the fleece Midnights blanket featuring one of Taylor’s most iconic album covers.

“Bejeweled” Bracelet

There are so many theories around this bracelet on TikTok, so you can own a possible Easter egg that may hint to future albums.

Midnights Water Bottle

This 32 oz Midnights water bottle adopts the album’s jewel tones with with brown, purple, and yellow accents.