Kim Kardashian reportedly responded to Taylor Swift's "thanK you aIMee."

Kim K Reportedly Thinks Taylor Should "Move On" After New Diss Track

"Aimee" is finally speaking out.

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It’s starting to feel like the Reputation era all over again. After Taylor Swift released her album The Tortured Poets Department, it didn’t take long for fans to realize one of the songs was seemingly aimed at the singer’s long-time rival, Kim Kardashian. Honestly, it wasn’t too difficult to figure out — the intentionally capitalized title of “thanK you aIMee” literally screams “KIM.” The song is pretty biting, but Kardashian is reportedly “over it.”

Four days after the song dropped, a source close to Kardashian told People that the reality star “doesn’t get why [Swift] keeps harping on” their old feud. “She’s over it and thinks Taylor should move on,” the source said of Kardashian’s response to the song. “It’s been literally years.”

As pretty much the whole world knows at this point, Kardashian publicly clashed with Swift in 2016 when Kardashian leaked a phone call between the singer and her then-husband Kanye West meant to make Swift look bad. Swift had claimed she didn’t give West clearance for some lyrics about her in his song “Famous,” but the call showed she did OK most of the lyrics. She had not, however, agreed for West to refer to her as “that b*tch” in the song.

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The whole back-and-forth was escalated when Kardashian weaponized the snake emoji against Swift, which Swift later reclaimed as the mascot for her album inspired by the drama, Reputation.

In the years since then, Swift and Kardashian have not spoken about one another, but some fans thought there may have been signs the two could make peace after Kardashian divorced West in 2021. However, “thanK you aIMee” may have crushed any possibility of that. Although the song’s title is appreciative, the lyrics lay into a cruel bully: “And it wasn't a fair fight / Or a clean kill each time that Aimee stompеd across my grave / And then she wrotе headlines / In the local paper, laughing at each baby step I'd take,” Swift sings.

And though the song does end with Swift thanking Aimee for inadvertently pushing her into becoming an even bigger star, it doesn’t sound like she or the IRL Aimee are interested in mending anything.