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These Eras Tour Mishaps Are The Real Anti-Heroes Of The Year

Not even Swift’s lucky number could save her from these mistakes.

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When Taylor Swift infamously cooed: “It’s me. Hi. I’m the problem, it’s me,” on “Anti-Hero,” it’s clear she was speaking about her own Eras Tour. Since March 17, the singer has been dazzling U.S. arenas with her 10-album discography, including underrated surprise tracks Swifties have been obsessed with for nearly a decade. The tour has been a massive (yes, earthquake massive) hit so far, so much so that Swift’s reportedly extended it more than 10 times. With that demand comes more Eras Tour moments; however, not all of them will be perfect.

Swift has had several minor mistakes on this tour, stretching from wardrobe malfunctions to onstage setbacks. Oh, and her finding out that bugs don’t taste that great. These lighthearted blunders have been just as memorable as Swift’s live vocals, and fans have made TikTok compilations calling it the Errors Tour. It does have an interesting ring to it. Now, with her Errors— erm, Eras Tour staying on the road until the end of 2024, there’s a chance even more mistakes might pile up.

Here are the funniest (and sometimes, shadiest) errors from Swift’s tour so far.

Swift’s Piano Scarily Proves It Has A Mind Of Its Own

Welcome to “Haunted (Taylor’s Version).” When Swift isn’t gliding across the stage with her guitar, she’ll usually retire behind her piano to give praise to her slower tracks. Naturally, she did this during her third stop in Massachusetts on May 21; however, this moment was a bit different. As seen in a TikTok uploaded by TaylorsGolden, the singer’s piano began playing by itself as she spoke to the crowd.

“Oh my...” Swift trailed off as the piano began skipping over keys, asking the crowd, “Do you hear that? Is that happening for you too?” While terrifying, the malfunction made sense. It reportedly started raining during the show, and her piano was soaked in the process. Similar to Swift, it’s clear her instruments are willing to power through the weather to perform.

Swift Noticing She Wore Two Dresses Wrong In The Same Place

Ah, wardrobe malfunctions. Any sort of live show wouldn’t be complete without at least one of these. Or in Swift’s case, two. One two separate occasions, Swift noticed she wore the sleeve part of her Folklore and Evermore dresses wrong while on stage.

Swift’s Hilarious Reaction To Her Mic Turning Off Mid-Performance

Unfortunately, that bug wasn’t the only villain who tried to dim Swift’s shine. At another Chicago show, Swift’s mic randomly stopped working. And while that mistake might’ve been annoying to deal with, the singer handled it with ease. Well, somewhat. She jokingly screamed into the mic before taking it off the stand to check *and* slap it. It’s not known how long the mic was out of commission, but at least fans got this hilarious moment.

When Swift Accidentally Swallowed A Bug

Clearly, mother nature and its creatures are making its presence known on this tour. During one of Swift’s three June stops in Chicago, the singer took time to introduce a new member of her band. However, before she said their name, she had a random coughing fit. “I swallowed a bug,” she said mid-laughter, her voice slightly straining in disgust. “I’m so sorry. It’s totally fine. It’s just stupid.” She then joked the bug was “delicious,” before continuing with her announcement.

Swift’s Leg Garter Breaking Mid-Performance

Well, it’s time to add another wardrobe malfunction to the list. While fittingly performing “Anti-Hero,” Swift’s garter on her left leg broke and slid down some. She strutted off the main stage to the side where her background singers were, and asked them to fix her accessory without missing a beat of her performance.

Swift Testing Out Her Stand-up Comedy Skills

This is certainly one way to distract an audience. During her April 29 stop in Atlanta, Swift had some technical difficulties with her ear piece. As she waited for it to turn back on, the singer decided to offer a different form of entertainment: Telling knee-slapping cat jokes. It took her no time to pull out this joke, which involved two cats, a library, and tuna. Before she could tell another, her ear piece came back on and she resumed singing.

Swift’s Dive Transition Door Opening Later Than Expected

Swift has several onstage gems on this tour, including her dive trick. IYDK, there’s a portion of Swift’s show where the stage will show a moving image of water. A small pocket of the stage then opens for her to dive into, and from certain angles, it legit looks like Swift’s hopping into a swimming pool. It’s a rather impressive illusion; however, this trick can have some hiccups. Take her April 13 show in Tampa, which was *filled* with other malfunctions. There, her dive door took longer than expected to open and it delayed her time to jump.

Swift Unfazed By A Recent Injury On Her Hand

This gives new meaning to “the show must go on.” During Swift’s second stop in Houston (April 22), many fans noticed she was bleeding from her hand as she performed the Reputation portion of her show. She continued her performance with ease, and was completely bandaged up by the time she kicked off her 1989 setlist. Swift never addressed the bruise at the show, which led many Swifties to wonder what happened. Two days after the show, she reassured her fans she was “totally fine” and that she fell backstage while doing a quick outfit change.

Swift Casually Joking About Kanye West Interrupting Her At The 2009 VMAs

Alexa, play “Karma” from Midnights. Whether writing a song or a heartfelt soliloquy to her fans, Swift isn’t a stranger to referencing events she’s gone through. Recently, it seems she took a page from that book and subtly nodded to that infamous interaction with Kanye West at the 2009 VMAs. During her Aug. 27 show in Mexico City, the singer thanked her fans for their years-long support. As she continued giving the crowd their flowers, they chimed in with cheers and occasional chants of her name.

Stunned, Swift noticed the audience’s response was drowning her out. “It’s the best way to be interrupted, by the way, just people chanting your name,” she said, before cheekily adding, “It’s really the only way to be interrupted. I would know.” Oh?

Swift Seemingly Rips The Heel of Her Boot Off During Brazil Show

True to her craft, Swift rarely lets a wardrobe misfire stop her from entertaining the crowd. She (once again) proved that dedication during her Rio de Janeiro show on Nov. 20, where the singer noticeably lost the heel to one of her crystal Louboutin boots. Swift circled the stage on her tip toes without missing a beat of the setlist — talk about unintentionally having a Barbie arched heel moment.

As this malfunction went viral on social media, many Swifties wondered what happened to the heel. And luckily, the proof came forward. In another fan-video, Swift can be seen tossing something off the bottom of the shoe into the crowd. It’s not clear if it’s the heel at first; however, a second angle from the stage’s runway showed the red block of her boot was gone. Later that night, an unknown fan revealed they caught the heel as a souvenir.

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