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Lily James and Sebastian Stan as Pam and Tommy in Pam & Tommy

These Are The Best TV And Movie Sex Scenes Of 2022, So Far

Don't worry — this list will be updated as more steamy stuff comes out.

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The roaring 20s came in with a bit more of a bang than anyone anticipated. Watching TV and movies at home, either alone or with a partner, has become far more central to everyone’s lives. But the lack of going out on dates means entertainment sometimes needs to ~stimulate~ us in ways it hasn’t had to in the past. So, behold: The best TV and movie sex scenes of 2022 (so far) that will keep the heat going all year long.

It helps that 2021 worked as a heck of a lead-in with sex scenes galore. With everything from the debut of Sex/Life to the arrival of the long-awaited Gossip Girl reboot, it seemed like everyone was doing it... like, doing it, doing it. From romantic drama like Firefly Lane to bold suspense like You to the unhinged chaos of Deadly Illusions, it seemed like streaming services were suddenly discovering audiences like watching people get down in the bedroom (and the bathroom, and the gym, and the elevator). Even Sex and the City came back for one more round with And Just Like That right before the start of 2022.

So what does this year have to offer as a follow-up? Let’s run down some of the hottest scenes so far.

Pam & Tommy’s Bathtime Fun


If you’re going to make a series about the world’s most famous sex tape, you’re going to have to start with some sex. Pam & Tommy, Hulu’s series about the explicit honeymoon video stolen from Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s mansion and uploaded to the internet in the mid-1990s, devotes a whole episode to their four-day sex-romp courtship.

There’s full-frontal on both sides and a talking animatronic penis the episode’s director compared to Baby Yoda. But the hottest scene by far is the two in the bathtub, slowly discovering each other. It’s everything you want from a story about two hot celebrities who couldn’t take their hands off each other.

Pam & Tommy is streaming on Hulu.

Dark Desire’s Alma & Darío Slow Undress


American TV series tend to lean toward the chaste and covered-up, but that’s not true of shows made just about anywhere else. Fans got an eyeful of that when Dark Desire premiered on Netflix in August 2020. The Mexican thriller starring Maite Perroni and Alejandro Speitzer practically dripped lust from the first episode.

Season 2 arrived just before Valentine’s Day 2022. It’s probably a good thing this is the show’s final season, because the exponential raising of the temperature would get dangerous otherwise. The best scene comes in Season 2, Episode 4, in which Alma and Darío take their very sweet time with each other before getting down.

Dark Desire is streaming on Netflix.

Yellowjackets’ Bacchanalia Love Scene


One wouldn’t think there would be a lot of tenderness in Yellowjackets, a trauma-fueled nightmare of teen girls turning to cannibalism in the wilderness. But its most extraordinary love scene comes during the most horrific moment. As the majority of the girls turn to a violence-fueled rage against the only available male in the group, Tai and Van are off in their own little world in the woods, exploring their sexuality together.

The scene is soft and sweet, and a great reminder to Hollywood that not all first times have to be traumatic.

Yellowjackets is streaming on Showtime Anytime.

The Woman in the House’s Scene With Anna & Rex


A show poking fun at fellow streaming series, The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window was bound to have an homage to the dirty, hot, do-it-all-over-the-house episode of Bridgerton. It even came in the same place in the narrative: at the end of Episode 5 going into Episode 6.

But even though the scene was kind of a joke, it was actually really hot. So hot, in fact, viewers got on Twitter and complained that they accidentally found themselves watching it in front of their family members. At least Kristen Bell stayed on brand and brightly apologized.

The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window is streaming on Netflix.

Simple Passion’s Helene & Alexandre’s First Scene

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Streaming series aren’t the only ones bringing the heat. Over at Sundance, Simple Passion went and put, well, simple passion on the screen. The story of a fleeting affair between Helen and Alexandre is the story of two people who have nothing in common, except in the bedroom.

The hottest scene, by far, is the first one before viewers realize how little these two will have between them in the light of day. That first night together when the sex is just that good can never be topped.

Simple Passion is available via iTunes.

Bridgerton’s Anthony & Kate In The Garden Gazebo

Liam Daniel/Netflix

In Season 1, Bridgerton had so many sex scenes that fans couldn’t pick a favorite. Season 2 made it easy, as there’s only one serious love scene, and it’s Anthony and Kate finally consummating their relationship in his mother’s garden gazebo.

There is stripping down to period-appropriate underwear before collapsing naked on extremely convenient blankets. There is also very obvious oral sex, which is then emphasized when Kate wakes up and replays it in her memory. And there’s a great soundtrack, with P!nk’s “What About Us” played on period-appropriate instruments.

Outlander’s Fergus & Marsali Labor Love Scene


Outlander has always been good for sex scenes, ever since the show’s very first season. It’s known for some rather unusual love scenes as well, and Season 6 takes the cake with what might be the most daring one yet, where Fergus and Marsali have sex while she’s in labor.

The scene is taken directly from the sixth Outlander novel, A Breath Of Snow And Ashes, in which Marsali goes into labor and Claire and Jamie head over to help with the midwifing. But apparently, the sight of his wife giving birth to yet another child is too much for Fergus, and Claire finally excuses herself and leaves the two of them to get it on one last time before the baby comes. I suppose that’s one way to solve labor pains.

Grey’s Anatomy’s Amelia & Kai Minneapolis Hookup


Grey’s Anatomy is the OG Shondaland sex show, but because it’s on broadcast and not streaming, it often feels like the show is pulling back on the steaminess. But not for this one. Both Amelia and Meredith have love interests in the city, but it’s Amelia who gets it on after Kai plays guitar for her.

Not only is this the kind of sex scene in which two people come home after a really hot date and proceed to go to town on each other, but also, the show takes its time with the sex, not cutting away or fading to black until the last possible moment. And then it comes back as the two eat PB&J and snuggle. As you do after a great sex sesh.

Watch this space for even more sexy scenes as they come out.

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