Kristen Bell's tweet to a fan who watched her new sex scene with his mom and girlfriend in the same ...

BRB, Screenshotting Kristen Bell's Hilarious Tweet About Her Sex Scene

She responded to a fan who watched it with his mom... and his girlfriend.


IMO, Kristen Bell is a comedy queen. Whether she’s on TV or Twitter, the actress knows her audience — and exactly how to make them laugh. (Spoilers ahead for The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window.) Apparently, during Episode 5 of Bell’s new Netflix series, she has a graphic sex scene that is—no surprise—not the most family-friendly. Unfortunately for at least one Netflix viewer, they didn’t realize that ahead of time. Still, something good came out of the uncomfortable experience: Bell’s tweet about a fan watching her sex scene with his mom and girlfriend is LOL-worthy.

On Jan. 29, Eric, aka @NinosGoodTimes, tweeted about his experience while streaming The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window. “[J]ust watched kristen bell get absolutely RAILED with my girlfriend and my mom in the same room,” he wrote. Cringe, but there was a silver lining. Bell saw the tweet and responded later that day, “Hahahahaha sorry dude.” Hey, at least she’s apologizing!

Still, her apology — though hilarious — wasn’t quite good enough for Eric. He sent a cheeky response to the actress, “you need to apologize to my mom right now.” (Still no word from Bell if that particular apology is forthcoming.)

Although there’s no way to un-watch a sex scene with your mom and girlfriend in the same room, at least he got a convo with Bell out of it! Not to mention, since the now-viral exchange, Eric has made his Twitter banner a screenshot of the star-studded conversation (as he should).

Some good, old-fashioned publicity doesn’t hurt, either. After coverage of Bell’s Twitter reply started gaining traction, Eric tweeted about the sitch once more, “guys…i think i’m finally famous.”

Sex scenes and Twitter discussions aside, Bell’s satirical show is definitely worth watching if you’re a fan (or even a critic) of psychological thrillers. Just don’t watch Episode 5 with any family members in the room.