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10 American Horror Story Sex Scenes That Are So Hot, It's Scary

Blood orgies! Fertility spells! Lady Gaga!

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Some people watch American Horror Story for the plot, some for the scares, and some — quite frankly — for the sex. Ryan Murphy’s tantalizing and twisted anthology series might cover some of the creepiest ghost stories and folklore across the U.S., but it also includes quite a few hookup scenes that will get your heart racing just as much as the scares will. If you’re in the mood to watch something erotic while also be titillated by suspense, these American Horror Story sex scenes are easily the hottest of all time.

In case you’re thinking, “there are a lot more than 10 sex scenes in the series,” you’re absolutely right. The only thing Murphy seems to like more than killing off his characters is making them have sex with each other, and I for one, could not be more pleased about it. I will happily watch Evan Peters’ characters get it on for the rest of my life, thank you very much.

While the show has a lot (like, a lot a lot) of sex, some of the scenes are a little scarier, freakier, or just plain more unsettling than others. But these scenes? These are the scenes you’ve rewatched time and time again. Whether you’re bored, horny, or a little of both, these scenes will 100% have you squirming in your seat because they’re that. damn. hot.

Let’s count down the best of ‘em:

10. Evan Peters In The Kitchen (Season 2)


The first of multiple Evan Peters sex scenes on this list can be seen during Season 2, Episode 4. In this season (Asylum), Peters played Kit, a man wrongfully accused of killing his wife and thrown in a mental institution. Here, he met Grace (Lizzie Brocheré), and the two bonded over their wrongful imprisonment. Naturally, this bond led to the pair of them having passionate, uninhibited sex on the kitchen counter in a scene that helped viewers get over how downright confusing Season 2 was in general.

9. Adam Levine & Jenna Dewan (Season 2)


Adam “2013’s Sexiest Man Alive” Levine had a pretty memorable sex scene with Jenna Dewan in Season 2, Episode 1. The actors played a newly married couple who broke into the Briarcliff Manor and started going at it on a procedure table. The creepy setting was one thing, but the fact that Adam Levine licked his hand to order to get a little lubrication is another. It’s not the longest sex scene of the series, but what it lacked in duration, it made up for in raunchiness.

8. A Kinky Cult (Season 7)


Kai’s cult was about a lot more than just putting on clown masks and killing people — it also got pretty freaky in the bedroom. As the drama ramped up in AHS: Cult, Evan Peters and Colton Haynes heated up TV screens with an unexpected hookup.

7. The Tupperware Party (Season 4)


Peters is back, but this time, he’s all about giving. In Season 4, Freakshow, Peters played Jimmy Darling, an attractive guy born with ectrodactyly, a genetic condition that caused his fingers to fuse together. Interestingly enough, the shape of Jimmy’s hands made pleasuring others very, well, pleasurable. In Episode 1, Jimmy is the guest of honor at a housewife party, where he hooked up with each of the attendees in a back bedroom. Not to be extreme, but I’m pretty sure Peters saying “come here, baby” in this scene could be an entire sexuality on its own.

6. Lady Gaga’s Bathtub Sex (Season 5)


Lady Gaga joined the AHS fam in Season 5, and not only did she serve some iconic looks, but she was also involved quite a few of the most erotic sex scenes of the series. In AHS: Hotel, Gaga played the Countess, a fashionable vampire who resided in the haunted Hotel Cortez. In Episode 4, the Countess and her new boy-toy Tristan (Finn Wittrock) have very graphic, very passionate bathtub sex (in a coffin-shaped tub, no less). Pro tip: Do not watch this scene with your parents.

5. Scáthach’s Seduction (Season 6)


When Gaga returned to AHS for its Roanoke season, you better believe she brought the heat once again. She may have been playing a disheveled forest witch, but she still got her freak on when she seduced Cuba Gooding Jr.’s Matt away from his wife for a steamy hookup in her candlelit cabin.

4. The Kyle, Madison, & Zoe’s Threesome (Season 3)


There are so many reasons AHS: Coven is widely considered the best season of them all, and the threesome between witch Zoe (Taissa Farmiga), zombie witch Madison (Emma Roberts), and zombie (Evan Peters) is just part of it. Peters and Roberts had a few different sex scenes in Coven, but the threesome the trio had (even though viewers don’t get to see much of it) in Episode 7 is especially memorable, especially because Zoe and Madison kinda hated each other.

3. The Fertility Ritual (Season 3)


While every American Horror Story fan knows Hank (Henry Renard) was the absolute worst person ever in Season 3 (Coven), he *did* have some pretty hot sex scenes. The best of which was the sultry fertility ritual he was a part of with his wife, Cordelia (Sarah Paulson) in Episode 2. The couple was having trouble conceiving, and in an effort to try to get pregnant, Cordelia — a witch — used some magic to get things moving. Something about the fire, blood, pentagram, and snacks make for one very scorching scene.

2. The *Almost* Threesome With Moira & The Black Dahlia (Season 1)


The first season of American Horror Story, Murder House, introduced viewers to Moira (Alexandra Breckenridge), one of the hottest characters in the entire series. During Episode 9, Moira, the Murder House’s housekeeper, hooked up with the Black Dahlia (Mena Suvari) — an infamous ghost from the 1940s trapped in the house — and invited Ben Harmon (Dylan McDermott) to join. Even though Ben refused, he still fantasized about having a threesome with the women in a scene. And that fantasy is easily the second hottest sex scene of American Horror Story ever filmed. More threesomes and more Breckenridge in future installments please, Murphy!

1. The Blood Orgy (Season 5)


You knew Lady Gaga’s AHS: Hotel character was going to be memorable, but when she had an orgy with her lover (Matt Bomer), things really escalated. Yes, Gaga is in crystal panties. Yes, the couple gets it on with another couple. And yes, midway through the sex, Gaga and Bomer’s characters start drinking the blood of the couple they lured back to the lair. The scene is everything American Horror Story should be: scary, sexy, celebrity-infused, and completely unhinged.

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