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10 The White Lotus Sex Scenes, Ranked From WTF To Steamy AF

The season really spanned the sexy spectrum.

by Ani Bundel
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Between the sun, the sand, and the sex, The White Lotus is prime content that brings viewers back week after week, even without the season-long mystery of who would end up dead at the end. The second season moved from Hawaii to Sicily, but the antics of the hotel guests (and those working there) were as steamy as ever. Here’s a ranking of The White Lotus Season 2 sex scenes, from the weird to the wonderful.

Warning: Spoilers for The White Lotus Season 2 follow. HBO is known to get down and dirty on its shows, and The White Lotus is no exception. When characters weren’t having sex, they were lusting or fantasizing about each other. (Or, in Ethan’s case, watching porn.) But not all the sensual moments make the cut for this list, namely because they faded out too quickly, or were more implied than explicit. That Ethan solo session, for example, mainly just featured him staring at a laptop. Then there were the scenes in which Ethan and Haper heard Daphne and Cameron through the wall, but the camera only showed the latter two wrestling before taking the shot to the other room. Similarly, Dominic only got implied action in the early going, with short moments with Mia and Lucia leading up to the sexy stuff.

But when the action does hit the screen, things can get hot... or not. Let’s run down the various messy moments both in the hotel and out of it.


Tanya & Greg’s Failed Attempt

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The White Lotus’ first episode of Season 2 ended with one of the most uncomfortable sex scenes in recent memory. Having married Greg, Tanya tried with all her might to be the woman he wanted, even though it was obvious he was not into her anymore (if he ever was). But it failed; when she opened her eyes during sex, she was shocked out of the mood and pushed Greg off of her.

In retrospect, the scene showed Tanya’s subconscious trying to warn her while she was ignoring it. Apologizing for dissociating in bed is never good.


Jack & Quentin’s Surprising Coupling

One could argue this scene at the end of Episode 5 was super hot because it’s rare to show two men explicitly having sex on camera. However, unfortunately, that heat was 100% overshadowed by the story behind the sex. When Tanya initially walked in on Quentin and Jack, viewers were still under the impression that they were telling the truth about their relationship as uncle and nephew.

By season’s end, that was obviously not true, but the incestuous overtones in yet another HBO show were enough to put this one on the WTF end of the spectrum.


Cameron & Lucia While Ethan Watches

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Ethan was not in a good headspace during this vacation, leading to a complete meltdown when he became convinced his wife, Harper, cheated on him. Part of what drove his paranoia was that he was given the chance to cheat when Cameron brought Lucia and Mia back to the hotel room. Despite having every opportunity (and Cameron taking full advantage), Ethan couldn’t (or wouldn’t) cross that line.

This scene could have been hotter — Cameron and Lucia were basically a blur in the corner — but the look in Ethan’s eyes as he was given a show may have suggested he was more into it than he would admit.


Harper & Cameron In Ethan’s Head

Ethan’s inability to be intimate with Harper was a slow burn, going from his initial solo session while she was at breakfast to near-crazed sexual jealousy that Cameron’s ability to shag with abandon might extend to Harper.

The scene when he could not stop imagining Harper and Cameron at the top of the finale episode was hallucinogenic enough that viewers weren’t sure if it was real or not when it began. Even though it was hot in Ethan’s head, its not-real status puts it closer to disturbing than sexy.


Mia & Valentina’s Fade To Black

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Even though Mia and Valentina’s scene at the end of Episode 6 was short, it was far more critical than many others because it was truly intimate.

Valentina’s semi-closeted status meant lusting over employees who had no idea of her feelings — all except Mia, who quickly sussed out the manager’s true desires. Mia’s trading sex for a chance at a regular singing gig was perhaps not the most above-board decision (nor was Valentina’s acquiescence), but still, the scene of the two in the hotel room was a turning point: Valentina found acceptance and someone who treated her kindly and wanted her to be happy, leaving her as one of the few who came out of the show in a better place than she began.


Lucia & Albie’s Oral Sex

Albie and Lucia have sex all over the place in the back half of The White Lotus Season 2. But first, they had to get to know each other, which meant a make out session at the bar over drinks, which turned rather competitive as Albie strove to make Portia jealous. Once Portia and Jack left, the action moved to Albie’s room for oral sex at the end of Episode 5.

It all happened so fast, the scene didn’t give fans much time to consider the “ick” factor — that she probably did the same thing for Albie’s dad, Dominic, the night before. The faces Albie made were impressive nonetheless.


Portia & Jack At The Hotel

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Finally, Portia had the roll in the sheets she’d wanted since getting to Italy. The series juxtaposed Albie’s standing-room-only moment with Jack’s seduction of Portia. At the time, it seemed like the show was highlighting how Jack was actually into Portia, unlike Lucia’s professional approach with Albie. But as viewers discovered, it was actually because both were being played by professionals; they just didn’t know it yet.


Lucia & Albie’s Overnights

Lucia and Albie’s first sex scene ended with Lucia practical, as always, discussing pricing structure. But by the time they’d done it a few more times, it got harder to know whether this was the real thing.

The sex was certainly hot enough that Lucia was getting paid one way or another. But she got lucky both ways, and once Albie convinced his father to donate €50,000 to the cause of getting Lucia out of her situation (a “karmic payment,” as Albie put it), her bank account won too.


Tanya & Niccoló’s Wild Night


Quite possibly the sweetest yet most ominous sex scene in Season 2 came at the end of Episode 6 with Tanya and Niccoló. Quentin buttered up Tanya, sending her Niccoló so she could have one last lovely time before she left Sicily, never to return.

Even if audiences had figured out the game Quentin’s playing and the double entendres about her impending demise, it was good to see Tanya finally get the night in bed she deserved... even if fans were screaming at her to run far away from Palermo.


Harper & Ethan’s Last Hurrah

The hottest sex scene came for those who waited when Harper and Ethan finally found their mojo in the season finale. The two had come a long way from lying in bed with their respective devices. They’d put a little spice back in their relationship thanks to a little jealousy and mystery.

They may (or may not!) have cheated on each other to get to this place, but it turns out, the unknown was what these two needed to get their groove back.

The White Lotus Seasons 1 and 2 are streaming on HBO Max. Season 3 is expected out next year.

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