The White Lotus Season 2 cast

Twitter Is Convinced This Low-Key White Lotus Character Is The Killer

This guy really pulled a 180 over the course of the season.


Spoiler alert: Spoilers for The White Lotus Season 2, Episode 6 follow. The White Lotus fans are officially in theory mode as the series approaches its season finale, and all eyes are on one shady suspect after the second-to-last episode. Ethan may have seemed like a nice guy to start, but now he’s the No. 1 pick for who might lose it on one of his fellow vacationers. And honestly, fans are so fed up with his recent actions that it won’t be so surprising if he’s the one who snaps. Need more convincing? These White Lotus memes dragging Ethan explain why so many fans think the finale will reveal he’s the killer.

The end of Episode 6 showed a scary turn for Ethan. Despite the lack of evidence, he became steadfastly convinced his wife Harper cheated on him with Cameron, even creepily fantasizing about how the affair went down. In true Gretchen Wieners fashion, Ethan Spiller had cracked.

Not only did Ethan’s seething anger totally seem to lay the groundwork for him killing Cameron, but fans have actually been clocking Ethan’s unhinged behavior for a while now. After the wild accusations he made about Harper cheating, social media blew up with viewers pointing out his hypocrisy. In case you forgot, Ethan was incredibly dismissive of Harper when she found a condom wrapper in their room, insisting he didn’t cheat and growing annoyed when she wouldn’t move on from the pretty damning evidence to the contrary. But when the roles reversed, Ethan was completely unwilling to trust Harper’s word at all.

The White Lotus fandom may have been here for Ethan at first, but not anymore.

After that intense ending, a lot of people are pretty sure the season will end with Ethan killing Cameron, believing that his former roomie slept with his wife.

And honestly, the preview teaser for the finale only bolsters this theory. The promo showed Ethan punching Cameron in the face and seemingly trying to drown him in the sea — the very same sea where the dead body was found in the premiere.

At this point, all the hints seem to be pointing to Ethan snapping and killing someone (probably Cameron). But is that too obvious? The White Lotus fans know the show loves a good misdirect. Tune in to find out the real twist when The White Lotus Season 2 finale airs Sunday, Dec. 11, at 9 p.m. ET on HBO and HBO Max.