There are so many theories about who dies in 'The White Lotus' Season 2.

13 Theories About Who Dies On The White Lotus This Season

I don't trust any of these freaks.

by Dylan Kickham

Another vacation from hell has begun, and Season 2 of The White Lotus wasted no time in diving right into its new murder mystery. The very first scene of the new Sicily-set season shows carefree vacationer Daphne (Meghann Fahy) stumbling upon a dead body while swimming in the Ionian Sea. And it turns out, that isn’t the only body floating around in the waters adjacent to the White Lotus resort. The dark opening poses the big question for this new season: Who dies in The White Lotus Season 2? Let’s go over all the possible theories to try to find the answer.

As with its first season, The White Lotus is only giving viewers a few clues about its central mystery early in Season 2. The season premiere immediately confirms three major characters will definitely survive until the end: Daphne, resort manager Valentina, and Valentina’s right-hand man Rocco all make it out alive. That flash-forward scene also provides a very quick glimpse at one of the bodies, as Daphne swims into a pair of floating legs. However, the glimpse isn’t super helpful, since those legs really could belong to any of the White Lotus guests.


The other very important piece of information comes from Rocco, who informs Valentina that multiple White Lotus guests have been killed. With all that in mind, let’s run through this season’s main characters to try to deduce who won’t be making it out of Sicily alive.

1. Cameron


Why he might die: Cameron immediately came off as the most hateable character in Season 2, already making enemies with Harper, the wife of his former college roommate, Ethan. Cameron seems to have ulterior movies for his trip now that his old buddy made it rich, which could end up getting violent. Plus, the fact that Cameron’s wife, Daphne, is the one who bumped into the dead body in the opening scene could be a hint that he’s the one who dies.

Why he might live: Daphne probably would have reacted with much more horror if she swam right into her own husband’s dead body, right? Plus, Cameron feels like Season 2’s version of Shane from Season 1, who wound up being the killer, not the victim.

2. Ethan


Why he might die: Ethan has given off major victim vibes from the jump. Not only is he super rich, making him a prime target for any killer, but he also tends to let people walk all over him. Cameron seems to be after his money, and his wife Harper is clearly getting fed up with her husband’s timid nature. Either one of them could become his downfall.

Why he might live: The Season 2 promo teaser seems to hint at Ethan finally snapping and unleashing all his pent-up frustrations on Cameron. Maybe sweet-seeming Ethan isn’t so nice after all...

3. Harper


Why she might die: Harper seems to be rubbing just about everybody the wrong way on her vacay. Sullen, judgmental, and blunt, Harper could easily become persona non grata at the White Lotus, so much so that it might even lead to one of her enemies attacking her. Plus, her husband is loaded, which means she’s got a huge price tag on her body as well.

Why she might live: Harper just seems too savvy to fall prey to some killer. If anything, maybe she’ll be the one to start offing all her fellow guests who annoy her.

4. Albie


Why he might die: Oh, Albie. The shy Stanford grad comes off as way too sweet and trusting to survive a murderous vacation. Plus (and this might be reading into things), he’s the only character who gets in the water after the first scene of the premiere, dipping his feet into the resort’s pool. Could that have been a super-subtle hint that his legs are the ones Daphne swam into in the sea?

Why he might live: Looking into Season 1 parallels, Albie clearly comes off as this season’s version of Quinn, the overlooked son who wound up having arguably the only happy ending in the first season. Hopefully, his trip will turn out to be just as life-changing as Quinn’s, rather than life-ending.

5. Bert


Why he might die: There have already been some alarming signs about Bert’s health after he possibly suffered a concussion in the first episode. On top of that, his constant flirting can definitely get him into trouble when it crosses the line into harassment. Here’s hoping he can survive long enough to see his ancestral Sicilian hometown, at least.

Why he might live: Bert may be too obvious of a suspect, and all that early concussion talk could just be a red herring to distract viewers from the real impending death. As fans from Season 1 know, The White Lotus never goes for the obvious answer.

6. Dom


Why he might die: Dom is definitely up to no good in Sicily. He clearly did something terrible to his (ex-?)wife for her to go absolutely off on him when he called her, and he showed no remorse when he hired Lucia for sex. Not all of Dom’s misdeeds have fully come to light yet, but when they do, they very well could get him killed.

Why he might live: Unfortunately, the bad guys always seem to make it out in the end. Given all his shady dealings, Dom actually feels more like a killer than a victim.

7. Greg


Why he might die: There’s a lot of reason to believe Greg was the body floating in the sea. For one thing, viewers already know he has a serious health problem, which was a big part of Season 1. Oh, and what was that secret phone call about in the first episode? On top of that, he’s become a total jerk this season, constantly putting Tanya down. At this point, it might even feel good to watch Greg die.

Why he might live: As one of the only characters who appears in both White Lotus seasons, Greg may have developed a bit of plot armor. The show may want to keep him around for another vacation with Tanya in a possible third season.

8. Portia


Why she might die: Portia, girl, I really don’t get you. You’ve got a free stay at a five-star resort and you’re crying about having to stay in your room and stuff yourself with pasta?

OK, sure, it’s not too hard to see that Tanya’s assistant doesn’t exactly have the easiest job, but her constant sneaking around is bound to wind up getting her in trouble down the line.

Why she might live: Hopefully, Portia’s connection to Tanya might save her. Like Greg, she seems like a character who’s perfectly set up to return in a potential third season to help Tanya plan another outing.

9. Lucia


Why she might die: Of all the Season 2 characters, Lucia is the one who seems to invite danger the most. Her job is can be dangerous, and although she’s very cunning, her new fling with Dom already feels toxic.

Why she might live: Nobody has more street smarts than Lucia. She knows the ins and outs of the White Lotus and other Sicilian haunts, so she has a great chance of escaping any threat posed to her.

10. Mia


Why she might die: Her bestie Lucia may be savvy, but sadly, Mia is pretty naive. She’s found herself toying with the idea of sex work, but still can’t separate herself from the idea of romance. That’s a potentially dangerous mix, which could lead to a lot of trouble for her.

Why she might live: Thankfully, Mia has Lucia to look after her. Plus, she seems to be very good at setting her boundaries and walking away from potential clients she doesn’t click with.

11. Quentin


Why he might die: Quentin won’t be introduced until later into the season, so viewers don’t have much to go off of just yet. He’s described as an English expat who owns a fabulous villa that’s basically party central. As White Lotus fans know, parties can spiral very quickly at the resort, so Quentin could fall victim to the drug-fueled chaos.

Why he might live: Since Quentin wasn’t introduced in the premiere with the rest of the main characters, his arc doesn’t feel as pivotal. The show is probably going to kill off someone who arrived in the season’s first episode, right?

12. Jack


Why he might die: It also sounds like Quentin’s nephew Jack is going to play a big role in this season’s story. Apparently, he develops an interest in Portia, which could lead to an awkward love triangle, since it also seems like Albie is into her. Time will tell if this new love interest actually leads to doom.

Why he might live: Like Quentin, Jack’s later introduction into the season might be his saving grace. Then again, the premiere made clear that multiple guests will die before the season’s end, so he could still wind up being part of the body count.

13. Tanya


Why she might die: Let’s be real — Tanya’s not dying. Sure, maybe the show will totally shock everyone by killing off its de facto main character, but if anyone can safely coast through Season 2, it’s got to be Tanya.

Why she might live: She’s gotta come back for Season 3, duh!

New episodes of The White Lotus Season 2 air Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on HBO and HBO Max.