The promo teaser for 'The White Lotus' Season 2 finale episode is unhinged.

The White Lotus' Season Finale Promo Is Almost Too Much To Handle

No one is safe.


It’s time for check-out, but not before the guests on The White Lotus experience an eruption that will rival Mount Etna. The tension has been building for everyone all throughout this twisted Sicilian getaway, and at long last, the White Lotus Season 2, Episode 7 promo promises major blow-ups. Not only will fans get the Ethan versus Cameron showdown they’ve been waiting for, but also, the finale will finally reveal Quentin’s master plan, unravel Lucia’s involvement with the Di Grasso men, and of course, explain who that body floating in the sea in the premiere was.

Spoiler alert: This post discusses plot details from The White Lotus Season 2, Episode 6. Emotions couldn’t be higher heading into the finale episode of The White Lotus Season 2. Ethan has convinced himself that Harper cheated on him with Cameron, Portia has finally started to realize Jack may not be who he said he was, Tanya seemingly fell into Quentin’s trap, a crushed Valentina hooked up with the opportunistic Mia, and all three Di Grasso men are concerned Lucia is being taken advantage of by the mysterious Alessio. Basically, the stage is set for some serious finale fireworks.

The first look at the climactic episode delivers all the drama. The teaser seems to hint that Jack whisking Portia away from Tanya was part of Quentin’s plan, although it’s still not entirely clear what he’s going to do next. But the main focus of the promo is Ethan. Clips show him exploding at Harper, and most shocking of all, punching Cameron in the face and then holding him underwater. (Um, did this teaser just reveal this season’s murderer?)

Of course, The White Lotus fans know that there are still plenty of twists coming in this final episode, but it definitely seems like certain characters are in a lot more danger than others. In particular, Ethan’s outburst in the promo could mean Cameron will meet his end, but then again, there’s also Tanya, who’s very likely being targeted for her money by Quentin. Lucia also seems to be in a very precarious position between Alessio and the Di Grassos.

Find out how it all ends when The White Lotus Season 2 finale swims onto HBO and HBO Max on Sunday, Dec. 11, at 9 p.m. ET.