'The White Lotus' Season 2 fans have a theory Quentin is in love with Greg.

This White Lotus Theory About Quentin Is So Wild, But It Makes Sense

It's all adding up.


Just when you thought you knew who the shadiest person at Sicily’s White Lotus branch was, Quentin snagged the title right from under everyone. The mysterious palazzo owner confessed a bit of backstory at the end of Episode 5 of The White Lotus Season 2, and it had many viewers raising their eyebrows. Could Quentin secretly be in love with Greg, Tanya’s shady husband? This White Lotus theory sounds wild, but so many fans are convinced it ties up all the weirdness.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from The White Lotus Season 2, Episode 5. Quentin has been sus ever since he first showed up at the White Lotus, wooing Tanya with endless parties and fawning compliments. His immediate interest in the wealthy vacationer set off alarms pretty immediately, but now it seems like the truth of his scheme is coming to light. At the end of Episode 5, Quentin confessed to Tanya that he’s only had one true love: a cowboy he met about 30 years ago while living in the American West. Quentin lamented that this man was heterosexual, so their relationship never stood a chance, but added that he would still do anything for him even all these years later.

That last statement seemed very important, and the whole story suggested a connection to Tanya’s husband, Greg. Not only is Greg around the same age as Quentin, but also, he works for the Bureau of Land Management, which could very well be an occupation that a former cowboy would excel in. Plus, Greg has been clearly hiding something from Tanya ever since arriving in Sicily, sneaking off to make secret phone calls and not even seeming to like Tanya all that much.

But the detail that really drives this theory home is that Greg disappeared right before Quentin first showed up. Greg suddenly left Sicily in Episode 3, right before Quentin first appeared at the very end of the episode to comfort a jilted Tanya.


So, if Greg really is the cowboy Quentin loves, then what could he be doing with Tanya? The implication is pretty unsavory, especially given Quentin’s remark that he’d “do anything” for the man he loves. Is it possible Greg and Quentin are working together to swindle Tanya out of her riches? It’s not clear exactly how they’d to do this, but after Greg’s cold and sudden departure and Quentin’s single-minded focus on getting in good with Tanya, the whole situation smells like a con job.

Here’s hoping Tanya can make it out with enough money to pay for another vacay, especially since The White Lotus has been picked up for a third season — and honestly, what would a White Lotus trip be without Tanya?

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