'The White Lotus' fans have so many theories about Jack on Season 2.

The White Lotus Fans Do *Not* Trust Portia's New Boy Toy

There are so many theories about him.


The dark underbelly of Sicily’s tourists is starting to show on Season 2 of The White Lotus, and new character Jack seems to be the most sus one of all. The Essex-born player was able to woo Portia in no time on Episode 4, but viewers think he may be too good to be true. After his scene-stealing introduction, here are all the shady theories about Jack that may explain why he’s really part of The White Lotus Season 2.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from The White Lotus Season 2, Episode 4. Portia finally got to enjoy her vacation after meeting Jack. He’s introduced as the party-boy nephew of the wealthy British expat who befriended Tanya, Quentin, and it doesn’t take long for him to steal Portia away from Albie. In all fairness, Portia had been growing pretty bored of her nice-guy hotel-mate for quite some time, and Jack seemed to be the perfect answer to all the chaotic, hard-partying desires she’d been longing for.

But the smooth talker definitely seems to be a bit too good to be true, and fans were quick to point out a number of shady details about the new character.


Here are some of the most troubling theories about Jack’s whole deal.

1. He’s a sex worker.

The predominant theory about Jack is that he might be hiding his real profession from Portia. Some viewers were alerted to this when Quentin referred to Jack as his “naughty nephew” and Jack mentioning that Quentin’s friends frequently touch him sexually only added fuel to the theory. It sure seems like Jack isn’t *actually* related to Quentin, but was instead hired by him to entertain his friends in Palermo.

2. He’s evil.

One thing Jack certainly isn’t hiding is his body, and it speaks even louder than words. Notably, he has a lot of very interesting tattoos, the most eyebrow-raising being on his chest. Jack’s chest tattoo is 666 in Roman numerals, which seems to be a very clear indication that he’s up to no good.

3. He’s a siren.

Given The White Lotus’ penchant for mythological references, some fans picked up on Jack’s similarity to a siren. Alluring sea creatures, sirens live on dangerous rocky islands like the ones frequently shown in The White Lotus and sing sweet tunes that attract sailers to their doom. Perhaps all of Jack’s sweet talking is actually leading Portia to her demise.

4. He’s working for Greg.

It’s still a total mystery who Greg was talking on the phone to before he suddenly left Sicily, but some fans think he may have been organizing a scheme with Quentin and Jack. The timing certainly adds up: The two didn’t show up at all until right after Greg left. Could they be working with Tanya’s husband to swindle her out of her fortune? Maybe Jack wooing Portia was just part of his grand plan to get in good with his target’s assistant.

The White Lotus Season 2 continues Sunday nights on HBO and HBO Max.